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Updated: 5th June 2019



"When I first started using oils, I bought most of them from 'good' suppliers... Having bought a few replacements now from you, I can't ever go back! The difference in them from my point of view is intense, and the animals are all choosing oils they never wanted to go near before!" JH

Caroline’s products are fantastic! I use them for my own animals and recommend them to my clients.  I offer the oils during sessions with the horse’s experiences in mind, particularly beneficial on first visits to nervous horses, along with Reiki. Unfortunately many horses are unable to browse so it’s even more important they’re offered herbs and flowers to support them the best we can. Amazing selection of high quality goods - nature at its best! Thank you Caroline. Hannah Louise Jones

Thank you so much for my order- it all smelt so amazing and I could not get enough of the smell of the SAGE- it was incredible!! All of them smell so good and It was great to smell three of the new ones too! Really neat with all the packaging materials you are using and the beautiful labels and colours - love them!:-) Thanks again, and record time gets here- (quicker than NZ Post!), Nicola Rogers : )

I wanted to let you all know what a fabulous job you are all doing.  My shipments arrive easily and all in tact all the time and I am very very grateful as of course the quality matters and I do not really trust many sources so your efficiency is most appreciated coming from such a distance. Aside from the service, please extend oceans of gratitude to yourselves and to Caroline for making such a difference in the animals lives. Nicola Richardson

Hi Caroline. I would like to say a huge Thank You for your help with my poor puppies, I can't explain how grateful I am. I started to do a bit more research of Zoopharmycognsy, which was nothing short of amazing I was so interested I bought Caroline Ingraham's book "How Animals Heal themselves"...a must read for anyone who loves animals, absolutely fantastic and so well written and a really good reference book into the bargain.

I contacted The Wild Health shop to order some more of these miraculous products and was extremely fortunate to speak with the founder of Zoopharmycognsy, Caroline Ingraham. Caroline was so knowledgeable, caring and understanding there was no push to buy products all she wanted to do was help Ben and Daisie...that customer service is in my world is unbeatable.

To date the results of Zoopharmycognsy are unbelievable both the puppies have normal skin, no lesions, almost no scratching and continue to improve on a daily basis. I have also booked a followed up session for Ben and Daisie but in addition I am working with Sasha my seven year old Labrador who is arthritic and Barney my rehomed Cockapoo who has issues too long to mention, to a session, and just know that they will benefit from it immensely.

I am still presenting products daily, what is remarkable, is that the puppies choices change, which for me endorses the fact that self selection is indeed exactly what it says, the puppies are totally free to choose what they need. Kind regards from a very grateful Mum, Jacqui

Dear Caroline, Thank you for your mail and I have tried your mists. And it works, the dogs from the rescue center choose either stress or anxiety or separation or fear. And show positive behavior reactions. They calm down or are able to relax. Martina 

Just wanted to say that my delivery arrived safely this morning - just 24 hours after I was speaking to you on the phone.  Thank you for such a fast, efficient and helpful service. Sue 
Hi Caroline, I just wanted to say thank you for posting my order so quickly and how impressed I am with the new book. The layout is really good and the photographs beautiful and well chosen. It will be my bedtime reading for a few nights yet! Thank you again. Kind regards, Jackie F

Just wanted to say thank you for sending Caroline's new book through so quickly after I ordered it. From it's cover & a quick skim, it looks fantastic. I cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into it and can see the housework getting left for days on end!! Congratulations on all the hard work - it will help animals & students alike. Best wishes, Tracy T

Hi Caroline, Hope you’re well and managing to get some relaxation days amongst all the hard work you are doing. I am so delighted with the results with these cats, so much so it makes me pretty emotional spending time with them, huge thanks. Rosie, Behaviourist, Bath Cats and Dogs Home


Courses and workshops and seminars

Caroline and Zoopharmacognosy are truly amazing. She is a wealth of knowledge and a passionate and inspirational teacher. Her Gateway courses and books are incredible. This practice will not only greatly benefit the health and well-being of your beloved animal but it will also transform your relationship with them. I thoroughly recommend Caroline and her courses. It’s been an honour and a privilege to be able to study under her. Sarah S

Caroline is a brilliant & passionate teacher- I thoroughly recommend her courses to you if you have an interest in improving your understanding of your pet & being able to help him/her heal him/her self. Carolines latest book 'Animal Self-Medication' is compulsive reading - I struggled to put it down - brilliant work Caroline!. Kathryn B

I have found Caroline's Canine 2-day introductory workshop so valuable. I have 2 rescue dogs which I adopted shortly after doing the course with Caroline. Both dogs came with their issues, no doubt as a result of prior abuse and I can honestly say Applied Zoopharmacognosy has been so useful in helping the dogs improve both their physical and emotional wellbeing. Caroline has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is very happy to share it. I can thoroughly recommend the course. Anne B

Caroline is just amazing ! She does such incredible work for the animals. During the training course she was absolutely wonderful as she conveys her knowledge so generously ! I recommend her training and of course the books as well ! What we learn with Caroline is so fascinating ! Thank you so much Caroline ! (France) Sylive D

Caroline, how much I enjoyed yesterday. It is always mind blowing. You are a wonderful lady, and long may you continue doing what you do. Fiona A

Caroline truly is precious and I think should me nominated for an award for her services to animals and for bringing this amazing work that had previously been unknown into human world. A privilege to have trained with her. Gillian S

La zoopharmacognosie appliquée est le fruit de 35 ans de recherches par Caroline Ingraham. C'est le travail d'une vie, une contribution formidable au bien être animal et un accomplissement exceptionnel. La méthode apporte un soulagement immédiat à la souffrance et à la douleur des animaux. J'aimerais que tous les animaux de la planète aient accès à la zoopharmacognosie. Rose-Marie

Thank you for such an inspirational day we both really enjoyed it and it's given us the confidence to experiment at home! Amazingly my neck and shoulders still feel brilliant and next to no pain so thank you so much!! Saskia J

After, what, 15 years or so, I continue to be in awe at this work and with you, Caroline. Beth 

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your interview at the Summit. It is so interesting to see how your protocol has changed over the years and try and keep up to date. Carolyn S

Anyone with a passion for animals cannot fail to be affected by the inspiration that pours out of Caroline when she gives a workshop. To see the reactions of animals to applied zoopharmacognosyhappening before your eyes is incredible, and often very emotional - it is a way of communicating with them to help them heal themselves, and Caroline is the person who introduced and developed this applied science to the world. I am forever grateful to her for what she has taught me. Michael R

An amazing course, loved every minute & learned so much - thank you Caroline. Kathryn B

Thank you so much for a wonderful two days at the recent Gateway 1 course!! It was highly informative and intriguing. I have thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful home, tranquil garden and wonderful company of so many open-minded people. But the most wonderful thing for me was to witness the magical healing the animals experienced after selecting their remedies!! Pure Joy!! Blessings to you both, Ela (one of the vets attending)

I thoroughly enjoyed Caroline’s course. Absolutely mind blowing, so looking forward to signing up for level 2. Fiona A 

Dear Caroline, Thank you so much for your teaching. You are the most humble, patient and inspiring teacher I have ever met. I couldn’t really hold my tears in class. My feelings are so complex that I don’t know how to put them in words. Your words and your attitude towards our beloved animals on the earth make me reflect myself as an owner and also as a human. After the private session, I am so excited that I can read my dog after all these years finally. Addressing her needs make me feel connected with my doggie. I m pretty sure she felt the same as she kissed me so many times at that night. That’s unusual for her to do so. I can definitely feel the love and understanding. Thanks again for doing so much helping animals. Jo L

Dear Caroline, I am a student who attended your 2 day workshop in Hong Kong. I just want to express my gratefulness for teaching us about animal self selecting medication. I am truly blown away. Thanks again. Love, T

Caroline is such an amazing teacher, with so much wonderful knowledge and who is so willing to share all that she knows! :) It is such a treat to watch her in action with each animal, and with her kind and caring ways, seeing each as an individual, and with her incredible natural abilities. So much passion, knowledge, and beautiful connections with the Animals! Very thankful I was able to learn from Caroline and very grateful!:-):-) Nicola R   I'd like to echo everything Nicola just said, and those below ! Anyone with a passion for animals cannot fail to be affected by the inspiration that pours out of Caroline when she gives a workshop. To see the reactions of animals to zoopharmacognosy happening before your eyes is incredible, and often very emotional - it is a way of communicating with them to help them heal themselves, and Caroline is the person who introduced and developed this applied science to the world. I am forever grateful to her for what she has taught me. Michael R

I had an awe inspiring time Caroline - thank you - a real light bulb moment. Angela D

I would like to thank you for a fantastic weekend on the Canine Gateway Part 1. One of the reasons I come back each year is that animal self medication is always growing in its knowledge and I want to learn as much as I possibly can. I can't thank you enough for being such a great teacher. Beth C

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to thank you so much for such a fascinating day on Saturday at the Canine Gateway 2, and it was particularly brilliant for me to have the opportunity to bring Harry and Winnie and observe their responses to AZ. So much learned - the routes, the plans and then seeing where the dogs took us with their choices and selections. I obviously knew how significant AZ can be with dogs with obvious problems to resolve like my anxious and reactive Sophie, but I was blown away by how Harry and Winnie, both fairly balanced, healthy and easy going dogs, really embraced their opportunity, clearly communicated their needs and benefitted enormously from the session. Their choices were eye opening - Harry going for remedies to deal with bad bacterials, and stomach and gut - with fennel, clove, garlic, basil, bitter almond, and melissa on his 'A' list, and Winnie diving in to lick up two helpings of devil's claw, and St John's Wort, and then invite topical applications of sandalwood, yarrow, peppermint, sweet birch and lemon around bladder, groin, hip and her pelvic areas, to help with pain, urinary and perhaps hormonal issues. All their chosen input left them both in a deep relaxed and comfortable place, with Harry in particular, so chilled out that it needed great deal of persuasion to shift him to leave at the end at all!!  It was a wonderful learning day, in your lovely peaceful home - a perfect environment for the course, a delicious lunch (that glorious soup!) and having your amazing knowledge and intuitive and experienced eyes on the dogs to guide us through.  Thank you again. With love, Ros

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing workshop, it far exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It was so interesting to watch the dogs self medicate and to trust their instincts in what they needed. So much information to process. I'm having to rethink my whole approach to dogs and dog behaviour which is great, as to learn and be willing to change is so important. Lynne M

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for a truly inspirational course – every moment of the two days was filled with top quality information and amazing case studies – and the practical work with the horses & ponies was mesmerising; seeing the transformation taking place right in front of our eyes was so rewarding and uplifting. Having had no experience of this field before, I found it heartwarming to receive such a great introduction to it - and I was even more delighted with the relief that you were able to provide to each of the equines. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about the understanding and alleviation of ‘horse problems’, with solutions tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Karen G

Hi Caroline, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your knowledge, expertise and hospitality over the last few days. I still have to process everything, but have been blown away by my experience. I'm so glad I did this course. It has been a truly emotional, jaw droppingly inspiring 2 days. This experience has been truly magical for me and once again, thank you so much for your time and support. If you get chance to do any Caroline Ingraham courses then do them. Diane K

Dear Caroline, Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the wonderful workshop over the weekend. Ever since reading your book last year I felt your method speaks to me, there's so much logic and common sense behind it - but seeing it live at the workshop was nothing short of miraculous. Thank you again for sharing your work with us. It was an inspiration watching you and I have no doubt we only barely scratched the surface of your knowledge so I'm looking forward to joining the Gateway 2 workshop maybe later in the year. Warmest Regards, Daphna S

Hi Caroline, Just a quick note to thank you for a brilliant day yesterday, I gained a good understanding of the how’s & why’s of your new method & am really looking forward to working in this way. Kind regards, Charlie P

Hi, I really enjoyed the last 2 days on the Canine Gateway 1 course  and learnt so much that I've re-arranged another course to come on the Part 2 at the end of March, as I am eager to learn more. Thank you again for the last 2 days, they were so informative and have really opened my eyes to a different way of working with my dogs. Many thanks, Pavla L

Wow  - what amazing feedback on the animals we worked with!  It was so lovely to hear and see the amazing changes in these beautiful animals. It was definitely a very special weekend. Really enjoyed being part of it. Many thanks, Kate M

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a brilliant two days with you. I feel so excited about offering the remedies to my dogs, and I feel quite mentally exhausted actually, but at the same time I can't wait to learn more. I am looking forward to seeing you again at the end of the month for Gateway 2 and most likely making more purchases in your shop! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Best wishes, Karen 

Fabulous 2 to 1 for me today, learned so much :-) Glynis 

Hello Caroline, Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant canine workshop at the weekend. It was again absolutely amazing to observe you working with the remedies and the responses from the dogs. So interesting and informative. I learnt so much.  The workshop highlighted how different the approach can be together with the flexibility required when working with home dogs to rescue centre dogs. Applied Zoopharmacognosy for me really has the WOW factor.  I have never experienced anything that I have felt  so strongly, for in all that I have ever done.  I just  feel so passionate about the work. On another note, a huge thank you from both Alan and myself for helping us with our back problems.  My back has been amazing since you worked on it.  I have had no further aches or pain and I find I can sit comfortably.  Which I have not been able to do since 2004. The gel which you made for me is making a huge difference to Alan.  His injury has been referred to as soft tissue damage.  Lower & middle back together with bruised coccyx (sustained 2002). Together with a whiplash neck injury (sustained in an accident in the 1990’s). We drove home from the course with him saying “this is wonderful I feel so comfortable. No pain”  he also looked comfortable and relaxed in his body positioning.  Arrived home feeling great when he got out of the car.  Continuing to apply the gel and he continues to feel improvement. We consider it a privilege being part of the course and the work with the dogs. Karen W

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your course. It has been inspirational, fascinating, heart warming and eye opening. Very many thanks, Toria

Dear Caroline, Thank you so much. That was a fascinating, exciting lecture/talk/demonstration yesterday.....! You are SO inspiring and give your knowledge so wholeheartedly, thank you.  Batty F

Hi Caroline and Tom, I just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for the course over the weekend.  We really enjoyed it, and I’ve had a lot of excellent feedback from students and staff alike who were also thrilled with the input. I think you’ve set a lot of minds thinking, and it’s great that so many are interested in your course as a result. Sheila and Winny

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming up yesterday, everyone enjoyed it enormously and the feedback has been brilliant; I loved your teaching style which was relaxed and informative; you were a pleasure to listen to and we were all very grateful for the extra time you took with the dogs and the timings of the seminar. Natalie L

Enjoyed the course so much. It is truly a phenomenal experience being on one of Carolines courses. Caroline is a true inspiration and very dynamic woman. I have all the time in the world for her. Michelle H

Dear Caroline, May I in all honesty say how impressed and grateful I am for your diligence and support!  I have been something of a proverbial 'student' and can - with my hand upon my heart, say you are absolutely head and 'whiskers' above the rest; in a hard won and truly much deserved league of your own.  My everlasting thanks. Lynn 

WOW!!!! I grinned all through whilst listening to you talk!!! Well done and congratulations!!! Amazing stories about animals recovery & I loved the Gandhi quote at the end. Suzie 

Hi Caroline, We'd like to say a HUGE thank you to you for coming along last week, as you saw there is a lot of interest in your work and people really loved the opportunity to come along and listen to you talk about the work you do :) Katie Love, Events & Community Fundraiser: Holy Hedge Sanctuary

Dear Caroline, It was great to talk to you after the lecture on Wednesday in the Life Sciences building. I was really inspired by your work and I would really like to learn more about the work you do. Claudia Rooke, Vice President of the Bristol University Veterinary and Zoological Society

Thanks again for another amazing weekend, please let us know if you ever have any spare time as we’d be more than happy to work with any of our animals as we’ve got one or two interesting cases at the moment. Kind regards, Steve Hill, Head of Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Bath Cats and Dogs Home

It's been a fabulous couple of days studying with the inspirational Caroline Ingraham, learning more about how dogs heal themselves in her eye opening Applied Zoopharmacognosy work. Wonderful to observe the dogs on the course being given the opportunity to take the lead and guide us in their needs, using this empowering communication system. Thank you so much Caroline and also to the great bunch of fellow students sharing the wonder of the AZ system. Also brilliant to have dates in the diary for onward insights and sessions with Harry and Sophie. Ros

Thank you for a lovely couple of days I really found the course beneficial and interesting, I will drop you an email in a few days time to find out any options open to me to further my learning and practice. Regards, Simon 

I see you as fearlessly authentic as you come from the heart Caroline. Rachel W-K

Hello Caroline, I truly enjoyed the four days. Your practical days were invaluable because they allowed me to see approaches that you cannot very well explain in writing. Mary R

Radio 4 

Dear Caroline, Thank you for a fascinating talk on Radio 4 last week.  It gives me hope to know that there are people like you dedicated to the welfare of animals. With best wishes, Mary

I listened to your Four Thought on Radio4 and I was totally inspired. You've done so well and such positive ground breaking work. I must congratulate you. David G

This talk was one of the most wonderful life's work of which I have ever heard. Nick 

What an amazing talk on BBC yesterday. Jan Stewart

I just wanted to tell of my surprise when David told me to turn on the radio at 8.50pm last night, just after he had turned it on. How amazing to hear you speak so well to our nation !! David Wright

Dear Caroline, You have just opened my mind to something quite, quite wonderful. Listening to you on Forethought today made me realise quite how little attention we have paid to the needs of our animals, even though we think we are giving them the very best of care. I'm now absorbed in your website, keen to learn as much as I can (and will be buying your book). I'm planning on adopting elderly rescue cats later this year and want to be able to listen to their needs as closely as possible to give them very best quality of life possible. Your wonderful work will help me do that so much better. Thank you so much. My kindest regards. Suzanne B

Dear Caroline, just listened to your talk from Hay. Wonderful wonderful !  Now off to tell my retired-Vet husband, and persuade him to 'Listen Again' courtesy of the BBC. Thank you so much. Kind regards and many good wishes to you for continuing success ! Barbara

I have just listened to your input on radio 4. Thank you it was brilliant and totally authentic. Wow! DR Mairi Mclean

Dear Caroline, I shall certainly listen to your programme this evening. Virginia McKenna


Book: Animal self-medication 

Hi Caroline, Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to you for your amazing book, How animals heal themselves. I have been having some incredible results with my rescue dogs and my horses. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Mills

Hi Caroline, I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived and I'm really excited about digging into it! What really impressed me was how accessible and beginner friendly it looks, you've done a great job! Dean

Please share with Caroline how helpful her book is.  It is uncanny how the dogs make their selections from day to day. Donna 

Dear Caroline- Just wanted to let you know that the book you sent has arrived!  Thank you very much. It is very rewarding to see this kind of publication out there now.  My hearty congratulations to the both of you. Cheers, Mike  Huffman

Hello Caroline, I truly enjoyed the four days. Your practical days were invaluable because they allowed me to see approaches that you cannot very well explain in writing. Mary R

HI Caroline, Thank you so much again for your book - it is a mine of information and I am absorbing as much as I can!!! AWESOME STUFF!!!! Candace 

My book arrived today! It looks stunning and I can't wait to study it in depth! What a treat to see content and design so beautifully combined. Cat Barich

Hi Caroline, Just a quick note to say Congratulations on your new book, it is Excellent! What a great service you have done & are doing for the animals – Well Done! Fiona Paul

Hi Caroline, Thanks so much for the book. It's brilliant, what a great piece of work! A bit of weekend reading for me, for sure :) Justine Allen, Researcher, Humblebee Films


Amazon book reviews:

How Animals Heal Themselves

I am pleased to inform you we will be adding How Animals Heal Themselves to stock in the Biological Sciences Library which I'm sure will be of interest to our students as well as those studying in the School of Veterinary Sciences. Lucy Wilkins, University of Bristol

If I could only take 3 items to a desert island, this absolutely would be one of them. Do you ever think how did we cope without the internet and google? Well this is how I feel about this book. Rather than buying your horse a new coat, your cat a new scratching post or your dog a new collar and lead, why not buy them a gift to last a life-time. This book is transformational as it empowers animals, gives them a voice and it will also serve to deepen the bond between you and your animal as they recognise that you are listening to them and allowing them to heal themselves. LLL


This is an exceptionally in-depth book - 'How Animals Heal Themselves' is a combination of 30 years dedication and I feel, Carolines true 'innate self-belief' that animals can and should have the opportunity to 'innately self-select' healing themselves emotionally and physically. This book is a great follow on from her last book 'Animal Aromatics' as it gives detailed information regarding the science behind this subject and why an animal would choose a particular herb, oil or plant extract over another when coupled with the symptoms it is displaying or has been diagnosed with. This enables animal owners/carers and animal practitioners to utilize this valuable resource to bring well-being to many animals. I applaud Caroline for her dedication and what she has done for the animal kingdom and I applaud any animal owner/carer or animal practitioner/healer that utilizes and promotes Applied Zoopharmacognosy as an integral part of the animals health and well-being. Fiona Paul


This is a brilliant and in-depth update to Animal Aromatics by the same author. It offers information on the individual extracts that can be offered and has guides as to which extracts may be selected for common ailments/emotional issues in a number of species as well as the preferred method of taking those extracts. The case studies are extremely interesting and show what can be achieved by allowing animals to self-medicate - in some cases where conventional treatment and other alternative/holistic therapies have failed to bring an animal back to a balanced healthy state. It may be a little too heavy on the science for some people, but is an excellent guide for anyone with more than a passing interest in the subject of using natural remedies for animal health. Kione


As a zoopharmacognosy practitioner, I waited with great excitement for my copy of this book to arrive and it has exceeded my expectations. Beautifully produced with great photographs and clearly defined "chapters', making it easy to go straight to what I need. I particularly like the "Natural Remedies", with all the information on one page per extract and find I am using this in combination with the tables at the end of each species section, in cross reference. The book is well laid out, packed full of information in a clear format that is easy to understand and use. It's never far away from me and I highly recommend it. MJM


Caroline Ingraham's book "How Animals Heal Themselves" is truly inspirational. In her book Caroline shares with you her experience gained over 30yrs of observing and working with animals. By sharing her work and experiences with you she takes you into a world of understanding how our animals can self medicate and how we can help them. The book is beautifully written and illustrated with amazing photography. This book is a must for everyone from pet owner to the professional. It can change the life of so many animals. KJW


I love this book, it has really inspired me to help my dog in a whole new way. I also have Animal Aromatics, but this is a much more comprehensive read. It has been a really helpful guide for me and has produced great results. I would recommend to anyone interested in Zoopharmacognsoy. A Berry

Superbly written by Carline Ingraham. Mrs B

Amazing case studies about animals healing themselves when given the opportunity. Really piques my interest in the subject. Love the book! K Orders

Very beautiful book and with clear information. Kristien

Brilliant book. Very informative. Nicola Keeling

Great came really fast. Great introduction. Best book you could have if interested in your animal self selecting.

This was bought as a Christmas present for my daughter, she is absolutely delighted with it. S Watts

Excellent informative read. Melanie Rush

Brilliant book so much information. Dave Fower

Fascinating , very interesting and informative. Mrs Ann Church

Awesome book. Inge

Excellent and informative book. Lesley Summer

Good update of other books. Fairstock

An excellent book - most informative and it arrived much quicker than expected. Elizabeth Fricker

Still ploughing through! Many more essential oil remedies and case studies which have helped enormously and still helping with my dear cat Wellie who is troubled with her kidneys. Thank you Caroline. Sue Oddy

This is an amazing and inspiring book that I have used to successfully treat both the animals and humans in our family, from pain relief to fireworks and vet phobias - wonderful. It is so rewarding to be able to communicate with our dogs on a completely different level,and watch as they choose their own remedies to heal themselves. Would highly recommend. G R Bell


Help Your Dog Heal Itself

I've always had animal companions and taken every opportunity to learn about their needs especially when they are unwell. Caroline's book is inspirational and provides a huge insight into the intelligence of our dogs who know instinctively what medicines they need. Every dog owner or animal lover should read this. OP


Brilliant. (Obviously) more specific than Caroline Ingraham's first book, which does include a lot of information applicable to dogs, and this has the big advantage of giving a programme for a session with a dog, suggesting what to offer and in what order. Of course, it does need you to have a good selection of good herbs and essential oils, which is expensive, but read this if you are interested in what a zoopharmacognosy practitioner does, and after a practitioner session to guide you in helping your dog further. I recommend the whole philosophy to anyone really wanting to help their animals with physical or emotional problems - or just to have an enjoyable time with them - and this must be one of the most authoritative and carefully researched books that there is. Mayfair


There's a huge amount of information in this book but it's clearly laid out and easy to read. One of my dogs suffers with knee and arthritis pain (amongst other things), watching her slowly calm down and then go to sleep from sniffing her oils is just amazing. Jane Stringer


The best book of Caroline Ingraham ! It's published in English only and I'm German - but it just incredibly valuable, for dogs and their people. Thank you so much for your work, Caroline. AF


The book is really wonderful !!!  I love everything about it - it's very informative with wonderful illustrations, and laid out in a most appealing way. M Ray


This book really makes sense to me. It's not cheap to do but has definitely helped my dogs. B


I have never finished a book so quick, awesome read, informative and easy to understand. Outlined every aspect in detail and awoke the passion for wanting to help animals in me. I launched into purchasing all the tools of the trade as a result. Ingrid M


Brilliant book - well written and an essential companion to the practice of Zoopharmacognosy. Mrs S Moon


I love this new version of Caroline Ingraham's guide to healing your dog. It is so clear and concise, with easy to follow steps and an extensive, updated list of wonderful remedies - my dog agrees - it's the best book in our house! G R Bell


Great book with lots of information...i am enjoying reading it from cover to cover! K Orders