Applied Canine Pharmacognosy Helping Autism & Frankie

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Husky Undergoing Canine PharmacognosyWe have recently had some great workshops, so over the next few days I will post some of our stories. I’ll begin with the lovely Marie and her dog Frankie. Marie had three panic attacks at the thought of bringing Frankie to a small course of six students, since she suffers from severe autism. But once she entered the class, her fears eased. She described it as 'she felt amongst friends, opposed to feeling on the outside'.

Frankie had suffered from incontinence due to urinary problems. The vet’s diagnosis was inconclusive. Marie first brought Frankie to me over six months ago, and as a result her condition cleared up. However, after drinking tap water, the problem revisited Frankie. The applied canine-pharmacognosy session at the Ingraham Academy was a success and she was once again dry. What was particularly interesting though, was that the wart on Frankie's eye came off the following day. The vet had said that the root of the wart was too deep to operate on. She had, had it for six years and it had been unsuccessfully frozen twice.

Marie’s social worker was delighted and amazed that Marie had had the confidence to join in with the group. Thank you to those of you that attended the day for being so supportive to her. Today I spoke to Marie and she told me that she is normally too anxious to leave the house. However, when she works with AZ and Frankie, she becomes calm and confident. Even her mother commented that her voice is different after they have had a session together. Frankie always lets Marie know when she wants the remedies by pressing her head into her legs and then looking at the cupboard where the remedies are kept.