Following The Clues

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Following The Clues With A DogThis lovely boy came into the class at the Refuge de Thiernay in France, because of blood in the stools. It was thought that this was due to worms so he was given a strong wormer, however, his condition didn't improve. The refuge then decided to see if self - medication would offer assistance not only to help him, but to gleam an idea as to what may be going on.

As symptoms seemed similar to IBS, I offered him remedies that are often selected for this condition, such as peppermint and German chamomile, but he wasn’t really interested in them. Only when he was offered essential oils that are known to help certain cancers did we see very significant reactions from him and it was not long before he fell to sleep. When he woke, he rolled and stretched with his tail wagging : ) His key oils were lemon, lime and thuja. This information was then given to the Vets.