Horse: Suspected Hind-Gut Ulcers

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Caroline Ingraham With A Horse With Suspected Gut UlcersBilly was not interested in any essential oils other than German chamomile and peppermint, which he selected intermittently via inhalation and orally, while taking large amounts of barley grass and rosehip shells. He took 1kg barley grass, 750g rosehip shells. Very often rosehip shells are selected alongside barley grass to aid the absorption of nutrients. What was really interesting, was when he was offered wild carrot seed and garlic essential oil, he avidly sniffed each of them, and tried to nibble at the bottles, but he then abruptly stepped away with his ears back, and he looked slightly angry. He took some more German chamomile and peppermint before stepping away to the back of the stable, with a very relaxed look in his eye. I concluded that the session had finished.

On day two it was a different story. Billy wanted a much smaller amount of barley grass and rosehip shells, but he was now very keen on wild carrot seed and garlic essential oil. His eyes softened as he licked 10 drops of undiluted wild carrot seed using the under side of his tongue, (this has a rich vascular supply, so allows fast absorption of the remedy into the blood stream). He was also very eager for the garlic oil undiluted orally, this time he used both the top and under side of his tongue. Billy continued to want a lot garlic throughout the day, approx 2ml. Garlic was also left in a bucket of water overnight (15 drops in 5 litres), which had been drunk by the morning. Fresh water was also available.

Many horses need to support their core, before being able to select more potent plant extracts. This could account for his frustration on day one as he needed the remedies, but his system was not ready. In other words perhaps his internal system needed to be stronger to be able metabolise and break down the wild carrot seed and garlic. It makes sense that garlic was selected since hind-gut ulcers can result in unwanted bacteria. If the stomach is vulnerable to ulcers, also offer German chamomile, as an aid to protecting cells lining the stomach wall (Cavalcanti et al. 2006). Billy lay down on the stable floor and selected more garlic.

In the days to follow Billy walked out well, and generally looked very comfortable in himself.