Inhaling Wintergreen For Pain Relief

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Rudy A Cat Who Needed Wintergreen...

Rudy The Cat Who Needed WintergreenRudy was found at 7 weeks, almost dead. His right cornea had been pierced, one eye was swollen, infected and completely shut, the other eye was also infected although not completely shut. He had slashes across his right cheek and the last inch of his tail had died and fallen off. While he was healing, he was very loveable. However, once he was healed, he became a combination of loving and aggressive. He viciously attacked people’s bare feet and legs with his teeth.

Caroline worked with him. Rose and valerian sprays along with rose and frankincense essential oils brought him to a calmer place, where he began to roll in catnip and valerian root herbs (initially ignored). He selected German chamomile, peppermint, fennel and seaweed to inhale. After which he sniffed and licked St. John's Wort CO2, he became a happy cat. Then, Caroline gave him what turned out to be the big one – wintergreen which is often selected for pain relief! He was crazy about it. At one point when Caroline tried to move the piece of cloth with wintergreen on it, Ruby would have nothing of it, he hissed loudly making it very clear that she was not to move it away from him.

Several days later Ruby spent 15 minutes working with wintergreen (see photo below) then rolled over and faced the other direction. Since Caroline worked with him, he has been very loveable, wanting to spend a lot of time on my lap. He has not hissed or bitten since. Thanks to Caroline, I have a much happier cat. Thank you! Gale.

By Gale Lothrop