Jessie: A French Hunting Dog

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Jessie, French Hunting Dog

Jessie started having skin issues just after the loss of her friend

Jessie's Story

Jessie: A French Hunting Dog From the Ariège, by Pauline Gatellier

Jessie was rescued from the streets at the age of three months, very skinny and suffering from digestive issues. After her rescue she became really close to her caregivers daughters German shepherd, but unfortunately just before Jessie turned three years old the German shepherd passed away. Jessie started having skin issues just after the loss of her friend. First, she scratched herself frequently then she started having red patches all over her body and was biting herself and scratching so hard that it created bleeding wounds. Her caregiver tried a lot of different medication with her vet over the 4 years following this event. Jessie was usually on cortisone but as soon as she was off medication, the symptoms came back more and more severely.

When I met Jessie she was seven years old. She was very fearful of new people and quite shut down. She had lost a lot of fur and her skin was a reddish colour all over the body. Using the principles of Applied Zoopharmacognosy, lime and fennel were chosen first, she then worked with oils that are associated with grief, petitgrain, orange sweet, and neroli. After these she slept for at least 20 minutes. When she woke up she was ready for green clay, which her caregiver applied all over her body, especially at the entrance of the ears and between her back legs. Next, I offered lemongrass, which she took a tremendous amount of on the femoral artery (approximately 3ml).

Jessie’s red patches and lack of fur before her first zoopharmacognosy session

Jessie’s red patches and lack of fur before her first zoopharmacognosy session

A week after I saw Jessie for a second session.

This time she selected seaweed extract and wild carrot seed essential oil. She was also ready to inhale strong antibacterial oils such as garlic and clove, in addition to yarrow. It was agreed with her caregiver to offer her three follow up sessions per week (through online video) during the first month to give her the best chance of a quick recovery.

During the first month, Jessie selected a lot of antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral: garlic, clove, bitter almond, lemongrass, lime as well as juniper, fennel, ginger and yarrow. Some days Jessie asked for topical applications femoral artery), and other days she asked for inhalation only. But, she still wasn’t really ready for, or needing strong anti-inflammatory extracts. Over the second month she was almost done with topical applications (femoral artery).

We decided to make two follow up sessions for the following week and then one after that.

Jessie began taking much less antibacterial extracts. Next she was keen to move on to selecting remedies for pain. By this time the skin was much less red, except the areas around the joints. Jessie took a lot of wintergreen and birch by inhalation as wells on her joints, her back legs and between her shoulders. Later on, she asked for wintergreen on the jaws and all over the skull and the back of the neck.

By the end of the second month, Jessie wasn’t scratching anymore and her skin was back to a healthy colour. She had regained her confidence and joy and her fur had started to grow back.

Jessie, two months later

Two months later

Caution: Note from Caroline - only apply topically if you have received Ingraham training