Pepe: Suspected Liver Tumour

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Pepe the Cat With A Suspected Liver TumourPepe was given two weeks to live. Euthanasia was advised. He had a suspected liver tumour, jaundice, weight loss, deterioration of the liver, portal hypertension, ascites, as well as an inflamed gall bladder and pancreas. I refused chemo and biopsy; felt they were too invasive. I offered Caroline's suggestions to Pepe, lime essential oil, seaweed extract, spirulina and milk thistle, he showed keen interest in lime and seaweed extract (inhalation). I also enabled him to self-select his food each day, and continued with his medications. We journeyed with self-selection for nearly seven months, and gradually over this time Pepe significantly reduced his intake from a daily selection to once a month. The vet has just seen Pepe and was so surprised with what she witnessed, she described it as a miracle. She stated that there were no more clinical signs apart from just a very slight jaundice in his eyes. She told me that we had gone down an unconventional route with Pepe, not one she would usually take and had previously spoken to many consultants about him, who were all baffled. Pepe is now happy, lively, playful and full of character. I feel so grateful, I just had to let you know how Pepe has been able to help himself to the point of saving himself. Thank you for your help I am deeply appreciative and so is gorgeous Pepe, for being given a voice. Thank you for your amazing work. Donna Brown

Update: 27th April 2017

Hi Caroline,

I just wanted to let you hear some news about Pepe.

It has been 2 years now since palliative care measures were put in place for Pepe. We had an appointment with his Vet on Tuesday, she hasn't personally seen Pepe for approximately 12 months, as she has been on maternity leave. He has been seen by one of her colleagues lately. Prior to going on leave, she went over euthanasia with me, in case Pepe deteriorated, as she didn't want him to suffer.

Jackie now refers to Pepe as " Our Miracle Cat!" She can't believe that he is still alive. Jackie told Pepe that she may well have to do a case study on him. Assessing him, she told me there is still no evidence of swelling or any discomfort in his abdomen, he is still presenting as jaundiced, but she told me that if she didn't know his history, looking at him, she would say that he was a perfectly healthy cat.

Pepe continues to be very happy and well in himself, and currently declines the oils, that he previously selected. It has been decided to now attempt to reduce the steroids. I will carefully observe how he responds and increase them again if he appears to deteriorate. Jackie told me she is happy for me to oversee this as I am so in tune with Pepe.

Thank you again Caroline for helping to give Pepe the opportunity to heal himself. You work is truly life changing.

All My Best Wishes, Donna