Rosie: Hit By A Car

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Rosie the LabradorRosie, a Golden Labrador, was involved in a road traffic collision where she was dragged under a fast car and pushed along the road until the driver was able to stop. She had serious injuries to the whole of her hindquarters and lost a lot of blood. Rosie, was rushed straight to the local vet for emergency care. Her right hip was dislocated and the left hind leg severely fractured. She was referred to an orthopedic surgeon where she went through a series of operations involving internal pins and an external fixation. After draining and cleaning around the pins on several occasions, due to infection, it was decided that she should have the pins removed and a permanent orthopedic plate applied, fusing the hock joint in a fixed position. However, the infections persisted around the pin holes and constant courses of antibiotics weren't helping.

Rosie, was a lovely dog, very friendly, and had never tried to bite anyone, other than the woman who had ran her over. The main oils Rosie selected were, yarrow, which is well known for its wound healing properties (as well as its ability to release past trauma); as well as wintergreen, which is generally chosen for pain. Rosie allowed yarrow to be dropped onto her injured leg, she then had the most extraordinary reaction; she lunged towards me, in a similar way that she did to the woman who ran her over, although she did not bite me. At this point it was unclear whether this was an emotional release, or was it that she didn't want any more yarrow? The only way I could find out was to re-offer the yarrow, and sure enough she wanted more. This indicated that she was still selecting it for her wounds and that I was reading her correctly. The outburst must have been a release, most likely due to her memory being taken back to the time of the incident, especially as immediately afterwards she began to put weight on her injured leg.

I made up a gel containing, wintergreen, yarrow, thyme and peppermint, oils that she had selected. Rosie wanted this applied to the infected area, she also wanted to lick it. The gel cooled the area almost immediately and the swelling started to reduce after two days.

Two weeks after I worked with Rosie, her infection, that had lingered on and off for many months, finally cleared up. Rosie, now uses all four legs to walk, run and gallop, something that the specialist vet never expected her to do. He anticipated that she might need to have regular medication for the pain and a course of antibiotics on and off, for the rest of her life. Rosie has now been free from any infections for nine months and is not on any pain relief, or any other conventional medication.

She also loved spirulina and seaweed extract.