Ruby: Suspected Food Allergies Or Pancreatitis

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles


Hi Caroline,

RubyWhen I first meet Ruby in December 2015 I was told by her carer that she had food allergies and that she was allergic to Chicken, Turkey and potatoes, as well as grass and tree pollen. Ruby was kept on Hills ZD food and was told that she could have beef meat as long as it was not mixed with anything else. Ruby was being sick regularly, which was difficult for the lady who was caring for her.

Then in June 2016 I was asked to do a second assessment of her as she was up for rehoming again. Ruby was taken in by a local rescue and taken straight to a vet. During this time Ruby was in such a poor state with her failed cruciate ligament operation, as well as being under nourished, that she had a seizure or stroke. She recovered from all of the treatment. After various attempts Ruby started to keep tinned loaf meat and complete food down. She came to us for three weeks in September 2016 and we continued with the same food, mostly she was fine with only the odd meal being brought up. Ruby was then rehomed twice, but the food had been changed, this is when the vomiting became much more frequent. One thing lead to another and we reclaimed Ruby early in December and she has been with us ever since. We put Ruby back onto the tinned loaf and complete food, but this was not working as she was still vomiting every day. More than once, we tried Ruby with a beef based complete and still she vomited every day.

Ruby had been to the vets several times and various diagnosis had been offered. She had been tested for megasphagus which proved normal, all blood tests returned normal, although there was a spike when she was given steriod treatment, but this returned to normal once worn off. Ruby was still vomiting and losing weight, so just before Christmas we got her an endoscopy again. This returned normal apart from a slight irritation in the stomach at the entrance to the intestines. At this time we changed Ruby's diet to beef mince, first served raw, but then we started to boil the mince, gradually over two weeks we added some carrot and peas and sweet potato, she then went 16 days with out vomiting and she had gained weight. We managed to get her from 32.4 kilos up to 38.4 kilos, but unfortunately she began to vomit again, and over time she dropped to 35.5 kilos, this was when we sought support from canine pharmacognosy.

Our vet was able to get the original vets records, these proved that no official testing for allergies had been carried out. We had always been a bit suspicious about the existence of allergies.

During a session with Caroline via Skype on 1st March, we were amazed and excited to see Ruby select remedies that she needed. On this occasion the essential oils selected were antibacterial oils, such as clove, garlic and bitter almond, as well as those that support the stomach such as peppermint, German chamomile and black pepper. She also selected lemon and lime essential oils and was desperate for spirulina. After this Ruby did not vomit for 48 hours. In a follow up Skype session, Ruby indicated that she needed a stronger application of clove oil, after this she did not bring any food up for 16 days. Ruby has come a long way since her consultation.

A week later, Ruby gave us one very encouraging sign that she was on the mend, when at about 9pm she went out and passed motions. Normally she is hit and miss when going to the toilet, however this time it was formed and normal, we where very happy with this. This evening before her dinner I offered peppermint just as you recommended, and within 5 minutes she indicated that she was ready to be fed, and there was no vomit tonight.

Shortly after this Ruby’s choice changed a little, we started with clove, and very early on she gave a big yawn. She took quite a bit of clove, she also took a little black pepper, a good amount of ginger and German chamomile, but she walked away from garlic, which she had wanted loads of previously. We finished with spirulina , which I offer dry, since she is still requiring a stronger application (not diluted in water).

Ruby has adapted her body language, she will now turn and show me where to place the required oils and will walk over to Laura when she has had enough. She is such a clever girl to make us understand her. We will continue to offer her remedies every day and see what she tells us.

For now though thank you again for your system and knowledge. It has given us so much encouragement. Working under your instruction over the skype call was amazing, we saw Ruby take charge without any pushing from us, her actions were fascinating to watch.

Three Months Later

Hi Caroline,

Ruby is doing extremely well and has not selected any oils for some weeks now. Food wise she is keeping everything down, she is having a low fat high carb diet of prescription ID food, boiled chicken, sweet potato, squash and wholemeal pasta. Generally Ruby is acting like a typical Dogue de Bordeaux, she holds her head up and loves to play,  there are no signs of any irritation or discomfort.


Our vet has a suspicion that her condition was due to something triggering pancreatitis. We are really pleased with her progress, and thanks to your help in stopping Ruby from vomiting, we are also able to read Ruby much better now.