Zebbie: Epilepsy

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Zebbie - Epilepsy notes

Zebbie With Caroline Ingraham's BookZebbie started seizing every month. Following the advice of a Canadian holistic vet who said he’d had success with epilepsy we put Zebbie on a liver cleanse and stopped feeding him three meals a day, reducing it to two. Zebbie was weak. Slow and not In a good place.

Zebbie’s fits were sometimes days apart or several times on the same day. The seizures were worst with a new and full moon. Outside this time, if he did have a seizure it happened purely when something very stressful happened to him. Other than this Zebbie had been the healthiest he had been for a Longtime. Then about one month ago when painting the house, I started to notice him walking strangely. He had roughly 6 or 7 seizures. At the start of the new year I became uncomfortable with the herbs he was having. It felt forced and and I wasn’t sure it was the correct thing to do.

After Zebbie’s Session With Caroline

We had a wonderful evening with Zebbie after our first session. And yesterday too. He was like a different dog, softer, happier and all is well. He had fennel and ginger with lots of sniffs and a little German chamomile.

In the morning he looked to have a fit building, he selected valerian, St. John’s wort and German chamomile to prevent it. It’s the most fascinating process and to see shifts in him are tremendously encouraging. I have prayed to the universe for his health and wellbeing and I am so delighted to be finally seeing something that is working.

We are now nearing a full moon tonight. Usually as he wakes in the morning the seizure can occur. Occasionally it can happen as he wakes from a nap in the day. He gets a little out of sorts during this time. Zebbie took particular interest in lime, and I’ll offer him valerian before we sleep. The next day Zebbie expressed pre seizure behavior and selected St. John’s wort, valerian and a little ylang ylang. We spent over and hour with the oils, he was also very interested in the seaweed. Between seaweed, and st johns wort he is in a nice place.

A week later, I was too late and too asleep to get more oils out in time … it all happened too quickly. However I was able to offer him valerian and St John’s wort and his fit was shorter than usual. So in these situations, I now immediately start with St. John’s wort, valerian and ylang ylang. However sometimes jasmine and seaweed absolutes are also needed. He is not so interested in fennel any bore but does still take ginger.  He is also selecting bitter almond.

After seeing Zebbie walking unnaturally, I again offered the remedies and he went mainly for St. Johns wort, valerian, and German chamomile.  He seemed a little bit better afterwards, and able to settle and sleep at my side. I offered more St. Johns wort, he licked lips and settled again with eyes heavy. He laid out flat on his stomach with his head on his paws. Next I offered valerian, which he sniffed. Zebbie was fine for the rest of the day, very relaxed and calm, enjoying the day sitting in the sun, not distracted. He displayed no more odd walking. In the evening before bed he had a good few sniffs of St. John’s wort and valerian, keeled over with heavy eyes, took a big sigh and went to sleep.

The following day Zebbie selected carrot seed and a lot of lime, sniffing the air rich in volatiles, but not wanting to come too close to the bottle. He continued to take repetitive sniffs. When he’d had enough he stepped away and went to lie down on his stomach. He processed the remedies before lying out on his right side.

Sending you this photo as we thought it would make you smile (Zebbie passed out after an oil session before bed by your book). Since we have been using the oils we have gone for three full moons and no full seizures. One seizure began and I quickly gave him jasmine, he vomited and the seizure stopped. Amazing!!