Zelda: Neurological Toxicity Reaction

Caroline Ingraham Animal Chronicles

Lurcher With Neurologocal Toxicity

The above photo shows Zelda the day after her walk. She became very poorly and had to be fed by hand, unable to stand, balance, or coordinate her limbs. She could raise her head to communicate with me, and eat and drink but was weak and unable to get up, she was just not strong enough.

Dear Caroline,

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for all you have taught me, as it has saved my dog’s life. (no kidding around here). Zelda, who is so close to 15 had lost her ability to stand or control limbs, although she could still hold her head up and communicate. She didn’t lose her appetite, calm wisdom, or strength of character.

The vet was about to put her down but I negotiated to take her home for one night. I am not wanting to dismiss the vets advice here. For anyone without zoopharmacognosy resources, that would have been a reasonable way forward, she clearly felt there were no other healing options for an elderly dog, in her experience.

The outcome is so outstanding it is still constantly surprising to me. Her main clear choices were ylang ylang and grapefruit EO.

Thank you again. It is such a privilege to have learnt all I have from you and your books,

All the best,
Brighid Morrigan

Zelda's Story

After a good hour long walk with our dogs in nearby woods, my friend and I commented on how my 14 year old lurcher Zelda was noticeably more active, mobile and cheerful. She ran like a ballerina, skipping in beautiful loops of running movement. Not as fast as she once was, but still elegant and fluid. She will be 15 years old in April. She has lived with me for 14 years and was just 6 months old when she came to live with me.

That evening she was tired, as expected after such a lovely walk. It was longer than our usual routine. However, when she got up her hips wobbled then collapsed, so I lay her down in her bed and I offered several remedies. Once she was settled, I put the kettle on and then the next thing I knew she was behind me right as rain! But, the following day her balance was off again, her hips were weak and she became more unbalanced and unable to support her weight. She was losing control of her limbs, especially her back legs and hips. I made an appointment with the vet for the next day. My friend had to help me as even though my dog could lift her head, it was difficult for her to get up or balance.

The vet checked her temperature, and her heart…both fine. She said given her age and the fact she couldn’t stand by herself the only option was for her to be euthanized. I negotiated to be allowed to take her home for ‘one’ night, having been advised to make an appointment for the following morning, so the vet gave an anti-inflammatory injection to help her through the night. My dog needed to be turned from one side to the other regularly to prevent fluid build-up in her lungs. The vet said she also needed to be made to stand every hour, which meant she needed to be lifted onto her legs and supported.

I had offered every zoopharmacognosy remedy I could think of, as I couldn’t figure what the cause of problem was. Zelda chose and was happy for me to apply St John’s Wort oil along her spine as well as wintergreen and peppermint. She also inhaled bitter almond and birch. Other oils were also selected. I wish I had taken better notes, but I was trying to stay focused and search for ideas. That night Zelda woke me as she was scrambling, trying to stand. I had her on the floor next to my bed. I then realised she was doing this on the hour, every hour - following the vets’ instructions, midnight, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock. I had to laugh when I realised what she was doing! There was no way she was going back to the vets!

Zelda, Lurcher With Neurological Toxicity

Fig.2: Day after visiting the vet
Zelda propped herself up a bit, and selected ylang ylang

I kept reading through my zoopharmacognosy textbook searching for inspiration, thinking that maybe her condition was due to the brain or a stroke or a trapped nerve or perhaps something else that I wasn’t aware of. Luckily, I didn’t have to know exactly, since I just offered a range of remedies and Zelda told me if she needed them. I was fortunate enough to have been trained by Caroline so I know how to read the subtle responses that are particular to Applied Zoopharmacognosy, as well as understand that an oil that was not initially selected may be needed later.

Zelda really enjoyed grapefruit essential oil, she breathed it in very deeply and solidly. Grapefruit is often chosen for its strong detox ability (although should be avoided with certain meds). I then read the page detailing ylang ylang, which can be chosen for neurological issues. I thought it was worth a go. She again inhaled it deeply and steadily for a long time. In the morning I cancelled the vet’s appointment as there was enough improvement for me to care for her for another day, working with her continuously. After working with the oils, she was able to stand, although with effort, but she needed slightly less support. The following day she was able to take steps herself. I then found her behind me while I cooked her breakfast!

I contacted the veterinary chiropractor the following day. She said it appears to be neurological sensitive toxic reaction to something like a tick. Zelda still shook her head a lot, and sometimes fell over, but I protected her from corners and furniture with cushions. After 3 nights we began to get more sleep, and Zelda wanted to go back to sleeping on her sofa. I fixed a barrier to stop her falling out of her bed. Every day I saw improvements, stronger, better balance. Her mind was focused on healing the whole way through. She had no confusion, and was very clear with me when she wanted to eat, stand, go out, have remedies etc. The force of her will was astounding, even as she was weak and ill. Over the next couple of weeks she continued to select her oils and went from strength to strength. I am now pushed to keep up with her!

I am so thankful she is well again. And so very thankful for all the incredible support from my friends and neighbours, who supported us and took my other 2 for walks every day.