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ISBN: 978-0-9524827-6-5

ISBN: 978-0-9524827-7-2

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A fascinating and absorbing read that will take you fully into the aromatic world of animals showing you the power of Applied Zoopharmacognosy and the transformations that are possible. Whether you seek an insight into your own pet or have an interest in aromatic conservation and enrichment, this book reveals the natural potential of every animal to heal itself both physically and behaviourally.

Species covered in the book include:

Equine - Feline - Canine - Elephants - Primates - Big cats - Bears - Avian - Farm Animals - Rabbits - Chinchilla

Animal Self-Medication is Caroline's long-awaited, new book detailing how animals heal themselves. Over 500 pages, richly illustrated with photos and diagrams. The book includes the science that underpins self-medication, reference charts, a comprehensive A-Z of remedy profiles, and how to work with horses, cats and dogs. Animal self-medication also tells the story of Caroline's journey and how it took her to working with elephants, tigers, brown bears and polar bears, many different species of primate such as orangutans, chimps and rhesus monkeys. The book contains many examples of working with companion animals such as horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchilla, avian, and farm animals.

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How Animals Heal Themselves (soft back)
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