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Ingraham Botanics

Health is dependent on the quality of the products you use...


 "When I first started using oils, I bought most of them from 'good' suppliers... Having bought a few replacements now from you, I can't ever go back! The difference in them from my point of view is intense, and the animals are all choosing oils they never wanted to go near before!" JH

"Before I was able to obtain Ingraham green clay, I purchased some from another supplier. While it quickly alleviated the itching for one cat, it did not have the same “miraculous” effect and did not solve the problem on its own.  I will no longer waste time and money on other sources for Zoohparmacognosy supplies. Alternative brands of essential oils produced in Turkey have been disappointing. In two cases, dogs ignored the Turkish Sandalwood and St. John’s Wort, but when I opened Ingraham bottles, they responded intensely." SK

"I contacted The Wild Health shop to order some more of these miraculous products and was extremely fortunate to speak with the founder of Zoopharmycognsy, Caroline Ingraham. Caroline was so knowledgeable, caring and understanding there was no push to buy products all she wanted to do was help Ben and Daisie...that customer service is in my world unbeatable."SW

from Caroline...

I have colour coded my labels, which will be the first sep of many learning outcomes to come - keep posted. The new labels are also wipe-able and smudge resistant, meaning they will last no matter what environment you are working in.

Behavioural - purple   Hormonal - orange    Anti-inflammatory/pain relief - blue   Antibacterial (possible dermal irritants) red   Herbal - Green     Citrus and antifungal (possible skin irritants) - yellow   

We also have some great new essential oils in stock; patchouli, which cats especially love, but remember inhalation only for cats. We also now stock rosemary which is a well-known stimulant as well as some new beautiful CO2 extracts.  More information on CO2's can be found on the essential oil page, together with our artisan oils.  

Disclaimer: The information on this site has been taken from observational research, backed up by science where possible. It should not be substituted for veterinary advice. Caroline Ingraham cannot be held responsible for the use of the plant extracts, clays, herbs or oils and their application. There is always the risk that some of the plant extracts mentioned on this site may interact negatively with conventional medications. Always consult your veterinarian first.