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Aromatic Waters

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Covid-19: To minimize contact with the Post Office and Courier service we aim to dispatch once per week, every Monday beginning 30th March, until further notice. Cut off time for orders is midday on the Sunday before dispatch. We will keep you fully informed of this changing situation. Keep well and remember to use the remedies as your home pharmacy as well. ​

Our aromatic waters are made using a special still, through a gentle and extended distillation process. This enables both the oil and water-based volatile components to combine, offering a complete expression of the plant.  We offer aluminum pump spray containers designed for stable yards, rescue centres and kennels as well as glass bottles.

How to use: 

Spray into the air to soothe and calm, and to create a safe and healing environment. Aromatic waters can be sprayed onto a piece of cloth, rug, corner of bedding, toy, wall or door.

Feline: Cats may choose to rub against hands or cloth sprayed with an aromatic water

Canine, equines and other herbivores: Spray the aromatic water on your hands and offer to stroke on; it may be chosen on the chest first then other areas of the body - be guided as to where - the waters may also be licked or several squirts can be added to a bucket / bowl of water. Make sure fresh water is also available

Caution: Don’t leave aromatic cloths with animals that chew in case they swallow them

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