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Aromatic Waters

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Aromatic waters are purposefully made using a special still through a gentle and extended distillation process. This enables both the oil and water-based volatile components to combine, offering a complete expression of the plant.  We offer aluminum pump spray containers designed for stable yards, rescue centres and kennels as well as glass bottles.

How to use: Spray into the air to soothe and calm and to create a safe and healing environment

Feline: Cats may choose to rub against hands or cloth sprayed with an aromatic water

Canine: Spray the aromatic water on your hands to stroke on your dog, or spray on a piece of cloth. Aromatic waters scan be sprayed onto a rug, corner of bedding, toy, wall or door

Equines and other herbivores: Spray on to your hands and offer to stroke on chest - be guided as to where. 

Oral - undiluted (licked). Add several sprays (squirts) to a 5 litre bucket of water. Make sure fresh water is also available

Caution: Don’t leave aromatic cloths with animals that chew in case they swallow them

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