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Aromatic Waters

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Aromatic waters are purposefully made using a special still through a gentle and extended distillation process. This enables both the oil and water-based volatile components to combine, offering a complete expression of the plant. The oil-soluble components are dispersed at low concentration delicately throughout the water, while the water soluble components are in solution. We now offer an aluminium pump spray containers (especially lined to hold waters and essential oils) as an option to the glass bottles, providing an easy method of use, especially useful at locations such as stable yards, rescue centres and kennels. Spray a different aromatic water or mist onto each hand or on pieces of cloth, to see which your animal selects; positive signs include sniffing or calming responses; such as laying down, heavy eyes, blinking. The selected waters and mists can be sprayed on a subject triggering anxiety or fear respectively, or onto a corner of bedding, toy, wall, or stroked onto your animal.

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