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ARTISAN OILS: Artisan oils are carefully selected directly from family growers who produce exceptional therapeutic grade essential oils. 

OUR CO2 RANGE: We rather replace macerates (infused oils) with CO2's so that animals won't need to take large quantities of vegetable oil to get the plant material they need.  

CO2 extraction is does not involve steam. It acts as a natural solvent leaving no residue 

CO2 – SELECT: uses a lower pressure resulting in an oil that is closer to the essential oil, as only the lighter more potent aromatic components are extracted. Examples: Celery, and parsley seed.

CO2  – TOTAL: uses a higher pressure which extracts more of the heavier plant constituents. The result can be thicker or waxier and more closely resembles the whole plant rather than just the essential oil fraction of the plant. Examples: Arnica, marigold (calendula) and St. John's wort. 

Label colour code: To make learning easier I have colour coded my labels.

Behavioural - purple  Hormonal - orange  Anti-inflammatory/pain relief - blue  Antibacterial (possible dermal irritants) - red  Other herbal- Green  Antifungal/antiviral (possible skin irritants) - yellow   

INHALERS - These are recommended when using more potent antibacterial oils for cats and also for dogs that need frequent 'top-ups' of a remedy to get their dose, such as with garlic, carrot seed and clove. They are not suited to horses or dogs that chew.

If you are seeking Hemp essential oil or tobacco extract, please email the office:

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