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CANINES: One of my most exciting breakthroughs is that coconut oil can be replaced by offering anti-bacterial oils to inhale since coconut oil has often been selected to purge bacteria. Coconut oil can also be replaced by wormwood powder since it also may be selected to purge worms and parasites. How do I know this? Because, when I offer dogs coconut oil (a tablespoon) and they are really keen on it, I stop and offer anti-bacterial /stomach and liver oils via inhalation. Then when I reoffer coconut oil there is often absolutely no interest in it. On occasions when they are still interested, I then offer wormwood powder, and if it is selected no more coconut oil is chosen.  It is fascinating to watch the dog go back to the coconut oil, pick it up in his mouth, then drop it, not understanding why he no longer wants the oil he was desperate for earlier. On rare occasions, coconut oil will be selected to purge unwanted objects or food.

Rice bran and passion flower are mainly selected by dogs to mix with rose hip powder or liquorice root. However, passion flower has been selected by meerkats with coordination problems.

CAUTION: Avoid or seek veterinary advice regarding vegetable oils, when working with dogs with pancreatitis or those prone to pancreatitis, as well as dogs that are unwellAvoid, or reduce with overweight dogs and dogs with fatty lumps.