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Brown Recluse Spider Bite

USA: Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Gale Lothrop: “I attended your cat, dog and human classes in Sedona, Arizona last summer and I have loved putting your teachings into practice so wanted to share with you something that happened recently. A friend called to say her dog, a 12 year old Goldendoodle named Lola had been bitten on her leg by a Brown Recluse spider. She was immediately taken to the vet who put her on antibiotics.

  photo. Day 1

I was asked to come see her on the second day after she was bitten since Lola was very lethargic.

On days 2 and 3 she inhaled a lot of sweet birch, yarrow, garlic, clove and seaweed. Garlic was by far her preferred oil. I applied yarrow to the wound and then covered that with green clay. There was noticeable improvement the next day: less swelling and not as red.  

 photo. Day 3

On day 4, I offered Arnica and St. John’s Wort. She selected Arnica. Continued to prefer garlic and clove together and applying yarrow and Green clay. She licked a lot of yarrow and ate a lot of green clay prior to topical application. Did not inhale as much of the anti-bacterial oils.  She was quite peppy. Selected wild carrot seed on day 5.

On days 5 and 6 she continued to be peppy. The two bite holes were closing. Much less swelling. On day 5, she licked arnica and yarrow and inhaled clove, garlic. Applied yarrow and green clay topically. On day 6 she preferred sweet birch over arnica. Wanted clove and garlic. For the first time, she laid on the side with the injury. When she was ready, she turned over and wanted a lot of yarrow applied and then green clay. Picture of day 5:

On day 9, I introduced sprirulina, coconut oil, barley grass and rose hips. She went crazy over the spirulina and could not ingest enough. When she finished what was out, she went to the coconut oil and, again, could not get enough. Inhaled garlic and arnica and wanted lots of yarrow applied and green clay. Day 9 picture:

Continued seeing her and she continued to choose spirulina, coconut oil, garlic, birch, clove, yarrow and green clay. Did not see her for a few days and she worsened on day 19. There was another wound oozing blood, red and swollen. Selected endless spirulina, garlic, clove, yarrow, green clay and coconut oil.

Day 20, no longer wanted yarrow but switched to German Chamomile topically. Tons of spirulina again, clove, garlic, seaweed and green clay. 

 photo. Day 23

By day 25 she was looking much better. Still wanted spirulina, clove, garlic, carrot seed, Ger. Chamomile and green clay. Vet had been considering surgery to remove this last clump of infection, but it was not necessary.

Healed up very nicely.