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Eyore was losing the ability to live...

"Eyore suffered neglect with his first owner, where he was kept in a dry lot with weeds and not fed a sufficient diet. He struggled with chronic diarrhoea and had all of his front teeth removed because they were so loose, so now only has his molars for chewing. The vet felt that there might be some lung problems related to his age, in addition to possibly fighting a virus with a declining immune system. Eyore’s health became a roller-coaster. A few good days and then a bad day. He went into a depression and would lay down for long periods of time. Vet visit after vet visit yielded no real diagnosis. He got worse when the weather was cold and his appetite was almost non-existent. The vet gave him Vitamin B shots to boost him up, but deep down we feared he was dying… although his eyes told us he was not ready to leave." Diana Hagemann-Milenkovitch founder of the Double H Equine Foundation and Sanctuary, Sedona

Caroline: "When I met Eyore, his hocks were bandaged to protect the wounds from his constant rubbing. Even with the wounds wrapped they were not healing well and were oozing (but not infected). He had not really eaten much mash since November 2017 so I began by offering him nutrients; barley grass and rosehip shells to both help give his body the chance to heal itself and to support enzymatic function. Eyore was also offered a selection of dried herbs, minerals and essential oils using the Ingraham Method." After this session he ate two bowls of mash and wanted more. 

Feedback after session: "Overnight Eyore had drunk from all the essential oil water buckets, taking most from the carrot seed bucket. Eyore had initially been least interested in wild carrot seed, but I put it out for selection as I knew how important wild carrot seed is supporting the other remedies. In the morning Eyore ate another two bowls of mash. Everyone was filled with joy." Diana Hagemann-Milenkovitch

Update from the sanctuary 2 weeks later: “Eyore has been making tremendous progress since his session with you. I am blown away really. I actually cried this morning, as prior to your visit we were struggling with the decision as to what was best for him since we had tried so many things and the vet was at a loss. Eyore now eats with gusto and the green clay has performed miracles on his wounds…hock sores are greatly reduced and the sores on his shoulders have almost completely gone. His coat is looking much healthier too. Yesterday was the best I have seen him in over a year. He followed along with some of the bigger horses on a hike around the property, actually keeping up at a trot. Everyone that knows him and has seen him lately has commented on his transformation since your visit. He has shown an interest in meadowsweet herb, so I am now offering him this as well.” Diana Hagemann-Milenkovitch

Update: Three weeks later  “Our vet was in awe, as was a friend of mine from out of state who visited today… she experienced him at his worst. Leslie is from England and is familiar with your work… it was refreshing to use the word “zoopharmacognocy” and have someone understand what I meant. Well, both of them cannot believe the transformation…everyone notices the quality of his coat… it is shiny and healthy. He is still eating very well… but not getting fat… which is also amazing. And trotting all over the place. The years have come off him and he behaves like a much younger donkey. Oh yes.. and to add and I don’t know how this can be… he is not as swaybacked anymore. He used to look almost bent in half, the dip in his back was so low.” Diana Hagemann-Milenkovitch