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Feline:: Hyperesthesia

Breed: Somali       Age: 11 - spayed female

Sterre had constantly licked her belly raw for the past ten years, It was sore and permanently red. I was told that Sterre was nervous and anxious around people and that she had become depressed. Her pet-parent had tried almost everything; she head taken Sterre to a dermatologist, changed her diet numerous times and taken her to many specialists. It was later thought that Sterre may have Feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which is rare in domestic cats. Symptoms include episodes of agitation, self-mutilation, and a rippling of the skin when touched. The cause is unknown. Prognosis: Many cats with feline hyperesthesia syndrome require lifelong treatment or are put to sleep. Sterre had been on medication for skin problems and pain relief; Sporimune (chronic allergic dermatitis in cats) and clomicalm (antidepressant). Neither had worked so she was taken off them.

Sterres' pet-parent was worried about bringing Sterre in to my class in case a room full of students watching her would stress her too much. As soon as Sterre entered the room I immediately began working with her and from that moment she relaxed. Sterre choose to inhale essential oils for pain relief as well as those that support gastrointestinal and spayed issues. These included wintergreen, peppermint, garlic, wild carrot seed, lime, sandalwood and arnica CO2, which were her favorites. During the past ten years Sterre had never been seen to be so calm. 

Four days on and Sterre had not licked her stomach since. Then two months on her owner wrote saying  "Sterre is doing very well. She continued with inhaling the oils for some time. When the inhalers were starting to smell less, she wanted to top them up. When she stopped wanting them  - she would run off and go to another sleeping place.

Six months on and Sterre had not make any new wounds - she had not licked herself since the session! Other than in the early days when she licked some little crusts from old wounds which would open when she washed herself.

She is now always in a good mood and happy like she use to be. No obsessive washing. Not hiding in the bed and no being depressed!

Her pet-parent is very happy with the result.