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Greyhound...afraid of thunder storms

Herman is a rescued greyhound from Midwest Greyhound Adoption located in Illinois. He raced 9 times between 17th June 2007 through 1st January 2008. As a result of his racing life he had severe PTSD. His pet parent regularly gives him Rescue Remedy and CBD treats or oil. 

On the morning of the canine workshop in Sedona, Herman’s pet parent wrote to me saying that she may have to cancel him attending the class if it thunders, since there would be no way that she would be able to get him out of the house, and thunder was scheduled for that afternoon, coinciding with his appointment.

When Herman arrived he walked into the room shaking, even though there was no storm. He continued to stand and shake throughout the initial selection of physical oils. I then went on to calming oils but there was little interest, so I turned to rosewater. His response was to lower his head. Did he want it applied to his head or jaw? His eyes softened as it was stroked over his jaw, then for the first time and he lay down. I went back to his physical selection and had his pet parent re-offer yarrow (anti-inflammatory) which I asked her to rub into her hands before applying (because he only needed a very light dose), this was repeated with St. John’s wort (pain relief). It is well know that Greyhounds suffer from teeth/jaw problems. Herman went into a deeply relaxed state, as an intense thunderstorm began to break overhead. Herman remained relaxed with no sign of shaking, after about ten minutes he lifted his head to look at his pet parent, at this point I put his preferred oils in individual inhalers. Colour coded: garlic and clove – red, carrot seed – green, yarrow – blue and violet leaf purple. Herman spent the remainder of the session placing his nose in front of the different inhalers working with the various aromatic molecules, but spending most of his time with carrot seed and garlic essential oil. He was a completely different dog, very relaxed and chilled out.