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Ingraham Zoopharmacognosy Consultancy

Covid-19: To minimize contact with the Post Office and Courier service we aim to dispatch once per week, every Monday beginning 30th March, until further notice. We will keep you fully informed of this changing situation. Keep well and use the remedies as your home pharmacy. 

Our brand new website is now live at! This website will also remain live until our new online shop has been finished. The existing online shop and workshop page are still the place to order our products and remedies. 

We encourage you to visit the new website for more information about Caroline and to access the free online resources, which are supported by videos, audio clips and much more. Click on the button below to go to our new website!




Enrichment and wellbeing consultancy

Caroline's consultancy work helps wildlife in many different environments by providing enrichment and wellbeing using natural resources. She has helped to improve rehabilitation efforts and animal welfare throughout the world. She is the leading authority on how to recreate an animals natural environment through the use of aromatics and plants in a safe and effective way. This process can lead to the stimulation of natural behaviours, as well as reinstating calmness and improved health and fertility, enabling animals to experience enrichment at the highest levels while at the same time reducing stress. 

For further details and staff training please contact Caroline at IAZ Head Office:


Domestic animal consultations

Due to the Covid-19 virus and following government advice, only online Zoom consultations are available at this time.

Only available to those who have attended one of Caroline's workshops, or vet referral.

If you wish to book an appointment, please write to the office:, with the following information:

Name of animal/ Breed/ Age/ Sex/ Accidents/ Operations/ presenting problems/ any other issues (physical/behavioural)/ desired outcome

Caroline offers private consultations through vet referral only for face to face sessions.


Zoom consultations (online): This enables Caroline to support clients around the world. You will need an appropriate species kit so that Caroline will be able to guide through the session. Where possible, the full Online Zoom Sessions will be recorded for you and sent to you after the session so you can review your animal's responses and see how your animal is working with the plant extracts. This is a great way of learning. 


1. General advice: Phone or Online Zoom session

30 minutes @ £45.00

Any Species - An opportunity to discuss your case with Caroline and get advice on how best to move forward. A kit is not required. This session is not a prerequisite if booking a full Zoom AZ session

2. Cat Consultation: Online Zoom Session

1 hour 15 minutes @ £120.00

One hour Zoom session where Caroline will guide you working directly with the remedies with your own cat (requires Feline kit:

3. Dog Consultation: Online Zoom Session

2 Hours @ £150.00

One and a half hour Zoom session where Caroline will guide you working directly with the remedies with your own dog (requires Canine mini kit: or pro kit)

4. Emergency consultation: Online Zoom Session

Limited availability for out of hours/ weekend service

@ £125.00/hour


Cancellation policy: Cancellations with 48 hours notice or more, can be rescheduled and fees transferred. Cancellations within 48 hours are subject to a 50% charge. Cancellations within 24 hours are subject to full loss of session fee.

Please note that due to the high volume of emails received each day, Caroline regrets that she cannot answer individual cases by email.