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Belgium Canine Gateway Part 2

Duration: 1 day

Date: 27th April 2019

Location: Bruges


Please note that this workshop cannot be booked on this website.

Please contact the office for booking and venue details:


In Gateway Part 2, you will work with another student directly with a dog, under the supervision of Caroline, while four students are observers. Students will swap roles throughout the day. Observation plays a vital part in being able to see the needs of the animal, together with a knowledge of the remedies, usually a skill that will develop over time. At the end of the workshop you will receive feedback and will be able to work safely and effectively with your own animals using Caroline's latest methodology. 

Maximum of 6 people

Note: Gateway Part 1 and Gateway Part 2 enable you to begin working safely and effectively with your own animals using the latest self-selection techniques developed by Caroline.

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