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Ingraham Gateway Workshops

No previous experience required, but Gateway Part 1 is recommended before attending Gateway Part 2. An IAZ kit will is also recommended during Part 2 so that you can work with an animal under the close supervision of Caroline and become more familiar with the use of your remedies.

Alexandra Virol: "I would like to pass a thank you message to Caroline Ingraham for sharing her knowledge in her books. Every time I practice Zoopharmacognosy on my dog or my horse we get impressive results. This weekend I offered German Chamomile to my mare, she smelled, turned her back on me, spread her legs. I began to apply on the femoral zone, and realized she wanted me to go up. I found out there were lots of little insect bites all over her teats, really deep between the legs... She let met massage her for approximately 40 minutes, in a zone I could not really touch out of this context. I attached pictures, we can see she really puts her back against me. NB: I stay behind here because I've had her for 15 years and really know her well. I offered her Vanilla and other horses out of her stall came to enjoy it as well and they all took a little nap together.

For my dog: we've been struggling for 6 years against chronic gastritis, vomiting, fasting, diarrhoea... 10 kibbles brands, raw diet, barf diet, homemade food... No solution from the vets. A few regular chosen exposures to Ginger and German Chamomile and it was over. We only got one episode of diarrhoea, vomiting and fast: Fennel popped in my head (never offered it before), I offered, 2 hours later he was eating his bowl, jumping and playing around!

So thank you because it allows us to make our pets' lives better and strengthen our relationship, it reinforces the trust they put in us and it only makes it better."

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Disclaimer: The courses do not replace veterinary care.

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