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Training in Ingraham Applied Pharmacognosy involves reading an animals response to plant secondary metabolites and minerals and understanding Caroline's latest methodology in order to establish lasting health and wellbeing. There is an emphasis on both the practical and scientific elements of the subject in the workshops. Animal gateway workshops are open to everybody. 

"Anyone with a passion for animals cannot fail to be affected by the inspiration that pours out of Caroline when she gives a workshop. To see the reactions of animals to applied pharmacognosy happening before your eyes is incredible, and often very emotional - it is a way of communicating with them to help them heal themselves, and Caroline is the person who introduced and developed this applied science to the world. I am forever grateful to her for what she has taught me. Michael"

We aim to maintain small class sizes so that you get most from your experience. In general, Animal Gateway Part 1 courses have around 12 to 14 participants and each Animal Gateway Part 2 training is reserved for around 6-8 participants only so that Caroline has the opportunity to work personally with you. The workshops are designed to enable you to work safely and effectively with your own animals, introduce you to the importance of genuine therapeutic oils and herbs to enable your animals to select the correct remedy and dosage, and lead you in Part 2, to working hands-on under her direct guidance. These workshops help to expand your relationship with your animal but do not confer a professional qualification or insurance to practice on other peoples animals. 

Cats and dogs are often needed in the class demonstrations.If you have a dog or cat in need of a session, please let us know and we will try and fit you into one of our class demo sessions (there is no charge for this).

Course bookings:Please note that courses must be paid for separately to items purchased in the Shop as they are processed through different accounts. Thank you

Please note our new phone number: 01666 238188

Please note that Caroline has not accredited any other school or college to teach the Ingraham Applied Pharmacognosy Method

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