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Ingraham Self-Medication Rescue (ISMR) is one way of investing in a future we can all be proud of, where animals are allowed the freedom to self-medicate. This provides health and wellbeing, in a way that links with the natural world. The rewards are exciting and far reaching. Please contribute now to enable animals to be able to engage in this prescious gift - to self medicate, and to assist in the education of those close to their care and preservation.

Wild animals have now lost major habitat and those that are captive or domesticated rarely have the environment available in which to self-medicate. This innate ability exists within every animal, and can be integrated into almost any setting allowing natural behaviours to be re-established.

The earth may be facing its 6th mass extinction. Over 50% of vertibrates have become extinct since 1970. The time has come to live in harmony with nature, encouraging biodiversity and a new way of life that supports the life of all species on earth.

ISMR Projects: Global Sanctuary for Elephants (GSE) Brazil/ Wildlife SOS India

At GSE: Elephant Sanctuary Brazil they ensure that the most damaged, defensive, aggressive or insecure elephant can thrive here. This is part of the reason they will not be open to the public.  Because of Brazil’s central location, they are able to provide sanctuary to elephants from surrounding countries, offering solace to elephants throughout the continent. The sanctuary is their safe haven and for the first time in their lives, it is all about them. In order to be as vulnerable as necessary to heal emotionally, every elephant needs to feel safe. Long-term, trusting relationships with those around them ensures this. The Asian female habit is complete and can house 8-10 elephants total. At present there are currently four Asian female elephants on site. The intention of the sanctuary is to allow elephants of both species (African and Asian), and gender to have their own habitat (due to issues with cross-species socialization).

Positive reinforcement will be used for all training that is to take place. Due to the physical impact of captivity, elephants need to be medically managed: health checks, blood draw, and footwork are all part of the care needed. Most elephants in South America have never had training that wasn’t dominance-based, so it will be a new concept for many. Instead of being punished when they don’t do something they are told, they will be rewarded for when they do something they are asked. For further details of GSE:


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Your contributions will make a significant difference in the ability to get natural remedies and training to these organisations, enabling staff to carry on their vital work incorporating skills from the Ingraham Method of Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

Raju Before His Rescue (images WSOS)
Raju After His Rescue (middle)

A Little More About GSE BRAZIL


GSE BRAZIL aims to create a life that replicates an elephants’ natural existence, with minimal human interference, where they are supported and cared for.  [image: Lady, a recent arrival at the sanctuary, copyright GSE Brazil].


To provide...

VAST WIDE OPEN SPACE: Vast wide open space to allow elephants to get lost within their own world of intuitive exploration.

MENTAL & PHYSICAL STIMULATION: Both mental and physical stimulation-empowering them to think, move and function as they would in the wild.

EMOTIONALLY NURTURING ENVIRONMENT: An emotionally nurturing environment that encourages elephants to communicate their fears and desires free from expectation.

COMPANIONSHIP OF A HERD: The companionship of a herd – allowing elephants incomparable support and the knowledge they are no longer alone.