Hanging Herbs

What You Should Know

What You
Should Know


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Potency of Remedies


Always allow an animal to walk away from any application or remedy


Take care around the genital area – avoid essential oil irritants


Understand the extracts you are working with. Read up on how the remedy relates to the species that you are working with


Equines / other herbivores – hold the bottle firmly so that the hand covers most of the bottle, to prevent it from being snatched from your hand and into their mouth


Equines / other herbivores – do not use a nose bag for inhalation purposes


Equine / other herbivores – caution bottles on ledges in the stable; the horse may put one in their mouth. They also may easily be forgotten or fall and break


Cats and dogs – do not use a vaporiser / diffuser unless your cat or dog can walk away from the aroma into another room

Ingraham Data Card


If an essential oil touches the eye, wipe it immediately with cotton wool coated in vegetable oil. This allows the lipid soluble essential oil to absorb into the fatty liquid. Water will exacerbate the problem, intensifying the essential oils’ irritating effects. If concerned seek medical help.

Skin Irritation

Signs of Irritation

Redness or nibbling on the area. If you are concerned that an oil may cause irritation, dust the area with powdered dry green clay.

This could happen when too much undiluted essential oil (those that are dermal irritants)is applied to healthy skin, such as over the femoral artery. Irritation can also occur if dermal irritants such as the antibacterial and citrus oils, even though needed, are applied undiluted frequently over several days.

The Antidote

Make up a paste using green clay and water to form a consistency that just coats the back of a spoon. Apply to the irritated area.

Any heat / redness should clear almost immediately. Repeat as necessary. It is not usually washed off. If the paste is too thick it will not be effective.

I have a cat and a drop of essential oil fell onto his fur. What shall I do?