Our Vision

We envisage a world where no animal suffers, a world where nature is respected and sustainably harvested as a source of healing. We envision a world in which animal guardians are empowered with knowledge and resources to safely help animals in their care.


Open to all students.

Start at any time - learn in your own time.

Teaching is not via powerpoint, instead, it is a mixture of learning tools that includes videos, practical sessions, illustrations and course notes.

No pre-requisites. After purchase you will have immediate access to the entire module. This training aims to help you work more effectively with your own animals. 


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As all lessons in both modules are designed to build upon each other it is highly recommended that you complete Module 1 before starting Module 2. Like Module 1, this training aims to help you work more effectively with your own animals. 

Again the teaching is not via powerpoint, instead, it is a mixture of learning tools that includes videos, practical sessions, illustrations and course notes.

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Certified veterinarian naturopathic therapist

Hi Caroline, I am so happy, i just finished the masterclass today :) and i really enjoined the journey. The lessons where so interesting. Thank you :) In-depth, enlightening, refreshing. I hope to be able to make owners even more aware and inspire them to give the choices back to their animals.  This masterclass wil certainly contribute to this 'lost' knowledge. Thank you.



Thank you for Module 1 sharing your experience, skills and knowledge. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning, fantastic you have a range of teaching styles to accommodate everyone wanting to learn


Thank you Caroline for deciding to share your knowledge and tremendous work with us. I have been so looking forward to being able to begin this under your tutelage. The course delivery and structure is fabulous; It is hugely exciting learning.
I trust one day to gain essential confidence to bring this modality into my clinical practice. 




Thank you for all your amazing work and dedication to this course and helping us become confident in our work with animals. I have to say that the video examples were so important. Showing variations of responses are so important to me and I am sure to the rest of us learning. It helps confirm what we are looking at with responses when we are working with the dogs. Thank you

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Please note that all modules/content/release dates at all levels are subject to change without notice as the course is an ever evolving training and we wish to bring you the very best experience.