Double H Foundation, Sedona – October 2019

Caroline Ingraham News

Double H Foundation - Applied ZoopharmacognosyA warm thank you to Diana at Double H Equine Foundation for hosting such a successful event, and of course to all the students, many of whom came from far and wide. Now back in the UK after running intensive classes for all species, I would love to share some of the experiences. I’ll start with equine: Durango who rushed and gulped his food (put down to being starved in the past), selected German chamomile (anti-inflammatory/digestive) which instantly resolved this. At times he would also suffer from high anxiety, but it was not the calming oils that helped, instead he indicated that he wanted yarrow on his forehead followed by peppermint which instantly brought him to a calm state. Could headaches have caused his anxiety? The little foal we worked with that suffered injury and loss of his mother, wanted a lot of yarrow applied by his vet-tech mum, rubbed around his hind quarters. The little foal pushed in hard to the application - the following day he was super playful. Another horse, that had broken his neck some years previously showed us exactly where he wanted peppermint oil applied, which was an area which had not been addressed. We saw a good improvement. The pony that had become blind due to a viral / bacterial infection selected anti-viral oil (melissa), anti-bacterial oil (thyme) as well as a lot of concentrated liquorice root powder – not the type that resembles sawdust! I am looking forward to further updates on her. It was so good to see Khaleesi (who’s in my book), living a life that is now virtually pain free, and also seeing Eyore (who’s in my book), who would occasionally join us in our walk in – walk out classroom! The next posts will be on Sedona canine – feline – human : )

Double H Foundation Horse Eating
Double H Foundation Group With Horse