DROPS Conference, Budapest – October 2019

Caroline Ingraham News

Dog Choosing Essential Oils At Ingraham Biotics In TetburyA quick update on the goings on from the shire… Its been a full-on week, with Canine Gateway Part 1 & 2 in the UK. Then straight onto the Natural Dog Conference in Switzerland where I enjoyed great hosts and company. Sitting next to Dr Conor Brady at dinner is always going to be entertaining, mixed with meaningful conversations. It was then a mad dash to the ‘DROPS conference’ in Budapest to give a day talk and demos where the audience were amazed to see the dogs fears melt away before their very eyes, each dog worked with their physical body only. Refining this work even further has allowed me to work with more dogs in less time - so three dogs received a session in the afternoon with coffee breaks in between each one! My first client can be seen below purchasing his remedies! Off to Sedona USA this weekend : ) Next year I intend to reduce my carbon footprint and so will be putting up a variety of online courses. If you are subscribed to the website you will be the first to hear about them: www.caroline-ingraham.co.uk