Katten Academy, the Netherlands – 2019

Caroline Ingraham News

Katten Academy, The NetherlandsJust back from Holland where I had an amazing weekend teaching at Sonja's Katten Academie. My first client was a cat that had licked her belly raw for ten years and was nervous and anxious around people. However, immediately the cat relaxed and settled into selecting oils that she needed by inhalation. She choose oils for pain relief and those that support abdominal/ spayed issues. Her owner and Sonja (Feline behaviourist) had never seen her socontent and calm. One month on and she has not licked her stomach since (previously she constantly licked her stomach). The cat had been on medication for pain and for her skin problems but nothing had worked. Contrary to popular belief, essential oils are safe for cats and can alleviate much suffering if used correctly. Thank you to Sonja and Saskia for making this teaching experience happen.