Natural Dog Seminar, Switzerland 2019

Natural Dog Seminar, Switzerland – September 2019

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Welcome to the Natural Dog Seminar September 2019, Switzerland

Natural Dog Seminar, Switzerland 2019Dr Conor Brady writes: "Check out the talks lined up this year: We have Caroline Ingraham, the boss of Zoopharmacognosy, can you believe it?! We're very lucky to have her. Simple can't wait to meet her.We have Dr. Victoria Unt introducing us to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine & food therapy. Can't wait for that.We have the wonderful Dr. Iris Challande introducing us to a functional massage for dogs with a practical demonstration. What Iris doesn't know canine physiotherapy and rehab is not worth knowing. We have Karina Kerrigan & Jenny Hale from Canine First Aid Ireland who will giving us a quick presentation, I badly need that. Everyone should know a bit of first aid but who thinks of it for their dog? And, as always, we have the legenday herbalist that is Jo Arbon (a.k.a. Holistic Hound, this year giving us a practical demo of herb and tincture preparation."