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Offering enrichment to brown bears 2017

Zoo enrichment  Caroline working with Brown Bears

Initially the assessments were made in their holding pen. I then used this information to enrich their main enclosure with nutrients and plant extracts. To summarise: The male bear selected a lot of birch, which is often selected for pain relief (birch is similar in its chemical makeup to aspirin), the infant needed fennel, a digestive, and the mother selected hormonal remedies. One immediate success was that the mother who had been over-clingy with her cub, for the first time allowed him go off and play. Those at the zoo where very pleased with the range of results achieved. The holistic vet is now continuing my work at the Zoo. 

More video clips will be put up in due course.

Video clip - Pre-assessment: Step 1: Essential oil selections

Video clip - Pre-assessment: Step 2: Aromatic water selections

Pre assessment: Step 1 Essential oils

Pre assessment: Step 2 Aromatic waters

Enriching the main enclosure.