Perth, Australia – 2016

Caroline Ingraham News

Equine Zoopharmacognosy, Perth Australia - 2016A brilliant trip to Australia. A huge thank you to Dr Monique Robinson BVMS(Hons) Cert Vet Acup IVAS, who arranged it all. Many vets on the course were acupuncturists. What I found amazing was that her animals, both dog and horse clearly worked with essential oils and acupuncture points. Monique's horse for example who was lame with laminitis, didn't select any of the usual laminitic remedies other than seaweed. Instead she chose those to support the liver; carrot seed, seaweed and rose otto. Instead of taking them orally she clearly pointed to the relevant liver-acupuncture points on her leg for topical application, she actually touched the points with her nose. The following day she was trotting around freely. It was great to see this wonderful horse with mobility again.