Mimosa Essential Oil

Latin Name: Acacia decurrens

Sizes: 5ml

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An important choice for animals who have experienced loss and separation often select mimosa essential oil, they then frequently go on to select neroli.

Although commonly known as mimosa, its genus name is actually Acacia. Acacia decurrens is an edible plant used in foods, and is characterised by its bead like yellow flowers. Do not confuse with Mimosa pudica which is a purple plant that contains mimosine, that can be a poisonous alkaloid if dosage is incorrect.

Caroline’s mimosa essential oil is nearly solid at room temperature so this oil has been blended 90:10 with natural vitamin E oil to create a more mobile liquid. Nevertheless you will still need to remove the plastic dropper insert and possibly use a glass rod to encourage it out of the bottle.

Available in 5ml amber glass bottles.

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