Rose Otto Essential Oil

Latin Name: Rosa damascena

Sizes: 1ml | 3ml

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Animals with the following conditions and temperament have selected Rose Otto essential oil:-

  • Anger, resentment
  • Birthing and newborns
  • Hormones – female
  • Rejection
  • Trauma (past or present)
  • Unwanted memories

Rose is one of the most frequently selected oils by all animals. There are approximately 250 species of rose, and over 10,000 different hybrid varieties, however, the finest rose essential oil is made from the Bulgarian Damask rose, also known as the Holy rose. It can take 3kg of petals to produce 1ml of essential oil.

Please note that rose otto can be solid at room temperature and may need to be warmed in your hands to become fluid. Please also note that due to poor harvest and yields, combined with high demand in Bulgaria there is a shortage of high quality rose otto and therefore the price is higher than last year.

Available as a 1ml/ 3ml amber glass bottle.


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