St John’s Wort CO2 Extract

Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum

Sizes: 25g Amber Glass Jar

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The St John’s Wort is concentrated and relatively waxy. If an animal is wanting to take St John’s Wort infused oil orally also offer the CO2. For topical use, the infused oil is easier to use because of the waxes in the extract.

If the St John’s Wort CO2 is too thick to use and you want to use it topically, you may want to let it down with a small amount of vegetable oil or St John’s Wort infused oil. The animals will either lick it, or indicated they want it applied topically (areas with no fur). If applying to the coat it is only suitable on animals with very short hair or around the muzzle, otherwise their coat will get very sticky.

COSMOS certified: guarantees environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health


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