Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Latin Name: Cananga odorata

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Animals with the following conditions and behaviours have selected Ylang Ylang essential oil:-

  • Bullying (offers feelings of self worth)
  • Animals low in the pecking order and lacking in confidence
  • Male over-dominant behaviour: Excessive sexual behaviour
  • Seizures – neurological disorders

The cultivated ylang tree produces a more potent fragrance than the wild variety. Like jasmine, the blossoms need to be harvested and prepared in the early morning hours when their fragrance is at its strongest. There are five different grades of ylang ylang, the most aromatic, preferred by perfumers is ‘ylang ylang extra’. The ylang ylang used in zoopharmacognosy is ‘ylang ylang’ complete which contains a broader range of constituents.


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