Barley Grass Powder Organic

Latin Name: Hordeum spp

Sizes: 100g Recyclable Plastic PET Container | 500g Biodegradable Bag | 1kg Biodegradable Bag


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Non-VAT item: A vibrant organic barley grass powder from specialist growers in New Zealand

Animals have selected barley grass powder for:

  • Aids purging (with coconut oil)
  • Cushing’s related laminitis
  • Enzyme health
  • Rich in nutrients – Magnesium
  • Pigmentation problems and anaemia


Initially offer dry barley grass powder on a glass rod or finger (also try with water). Or make it a part of the herb garden. Allow as much as needed


If the barley grass powder is selected dry and then, after a while, begins to stick to the tongue add water. Some dogs may only take it dry, while others may prefer it watery, and some dogs may alternate between wet and dry. Small or nervous dogs may initially prefer to lick it off a finger before taking it from a bowl or saucer

  1. Add a teaspoon of barley grass powder to a bowl
  2. Then splash a little water over it, leaving some dry and the rest wet.
  3. See which is preferred

Equine and other herbivores

Slightly wet a shallow bowl or a scoop (large enough for a horse’s muzzle). This just needs to be done once, as the horse’s saliva then takes over. Add a handful of barley grass powder at a time so the powder doesn’t blow up into the nostrils and startle the horse. Some horses prefer the barley grass dry, others with water (lessening its intensity), while another horse may want to alternate between wet and dry Allow horses to take as much as they need. If a horse selects more than 150g offer peppermint, German chamomile and fennel during the selection process in case they are needed to aid digestion If you’re working with a herd, offering barley grass in a watery solution in several buckets to aviod fighting is probably the best option

Caution: Avoid offering barley grass in the feed

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