Dandelion Leaf Powder (Super Concentrated Powder)

Latin Name: Taraxacum officinale

Sizes: 100g Recyclable PET Pot

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Having been unavailable for over a year, we are pleased to offer the dark brown powdered leaf that Caroline has used throughout the years. Dandelion leaf is primarily a diuretic. It is invaluable for horses with urinary or kidney problems as it affects water balance by encouraging the excretion of excess fluids while strengthening the entire urinary system. Horses who urinate frequently or drink excessive amounts of water will often select dandelion leaf and it is not uncommon for horses to urinate shortly after ingesting it. Other signs to look out for are uncharacteristic bucking or a horse taking off under saddle. These may be a symptom of a urinary or kidney problem; however, it may also be due to back issues, so check for both.

How To Use Dandelion Leaf Powder


Rarely selected – licked as a dry powder off fingers or a glass rod


Offer dry or mixed with a splash of vegetable oil

Equine and Other Herbivores

Offer dry and then with water. When offered dry, the scoop does not need to be dampened as with barley grass, because it won’t blow into the nostrils

Caution: None known

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