Green Clay Powder

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What Is Green Clay Powder Used For?

  • Neutralises plant toxins – skin irritation or ingested
  • Bacterial and fungal/yeast infections
  • Colic (due to toxins)
  • Ectoparasites
  • Wounds (dries and protects – apply dry powder to the wound).

How To Use Green Clay Powder

All Species


Cover wounds or broken skin with generous amounts of dry clay. Re-apply when it has absorbed. Both red and green clay have antibacterial properties; they protect the wound from flies and other matter, helping to keep it clean while drawing out toxins


Make a poultice using water and clay to enhance its ‘drawing’ properties


Clay may be licked as a dry powder or with water added. Offer both to see which is preferred

Caution: Red clay may stain some materials

When working with clay products use plastic or wooden utensils, not metal.

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