Rosehip Shells Organic (Wild)

Latin Name: Rosa canina

Sizes: 500g Wild | 1kg Wild | 10kg Wild | 20kg - Bulk


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Non-VAT item:

Our wild organic rosehips shells are available in a range of sizes from 500g packets to 20kg sacks. With a wonderful rich aroma and dark reddish shades, they are especially selected by horses and sometimes dogs.

Animals with the following conditions have selected rosehips:-

  • Anemia
  • Collagen damage
  • Poor hoof condition and dull coat
  • Sarcoids

Rosehips are a great favorite with horses; they are without a doubt one of the most popular supplements, along with barley grass. Horses generally take more rosehips in the autumn and winter months. This fits in with their natural selection as rosehips would be available during the autumn months to help strengthen the immune system for the coming winter, which would be beneficial to their survival. Rosehips are found in the hedgerows growing on a climbing wild rose species called Rosa canina, otherwise known as ???Dog rose.?۝ The vitamin C in rosehips support enzymes that make collagen; it is therefore often selected by animals that need to increase collagen production after injury

Rosehips are one of the richest sources of vitamin C available. They also contain vitamins A and K, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and volatile oil. Beta carotene found in rosehips has been found to be valuable in protecting against the effects of sunburn. The biotin content is responsible for encouraging strong healthy hooves.

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