Spirulina Powder Organic

Latin Name: Spirulina maxima

Sizes: 50g Recyclable Pet Jar | 150g Recyclable Pet Jar | 500g Bag | 1kg Bag

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Our Organic Spirulina is from a sub-tropical island off the coast of China. It is grown in fresh water pools and then sun-dried on-site before being dispatched in air tight containers. Continued support for these farmers directly benefits the local community and helps to provide employment to local people.

  • Arthritis and other joint problems:
  • Growing, aging, or run down dogs (rich in protein and nutrients)
  • Immune disorders – allergies
  • Hen egg laying – poor

How To Use Spirulina


Oral – offer dry or wet from your finger, or a glass rod


Nutrients from dry spirulina enter into the blood via the membranes in the mouth. If it begins to stick to the tongue the dose is being reached, so let the spirulina down with some water. Dogs may want it strong at first, then weaker. Spirulina is less potent in water. Add approximately one teaspoon or tablespoon of spirulina to a bowl. Splash a small amount of water on to it, leaving some dry. Look to see if your dog is selecting it dry or wet. Dogs may want to lick it from your finger before taking it from the bowl. This helps reduce its initial intensity, before proceeding to see if a stronger dose is needed

Equine and Other Herbivores

: Horses rarely select spirulina perhaps because they do not have a high-protein diet


Observe which is preferred – in water, dry or made into a paste

Caution: Do not confuse spirulina with blue-green algae, Aphanizomenon flos aquae, which is toxic. s. Purines (found in spirulina, meat, game and some fish) may be detrimental to some Dalmatians, since they may not be able to metabolise purines efficiently

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