Valerian Root Organic (Fine Cut)

Latin Name: Valeriana officinalis

Sizes: 50g Biodegradable Bag | 250g

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A very fine cut organic Valerian Root, which is very aromatic and popular with cats.

Animals with the following have selected Valerian root:-

  • Anxious behaviours
  • Cystitis (stress related in cats)
  • Epilepsy and other seizures
  • Muscular (relaxant)
  • Sedative

Valerian is a general anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)/ sedative.

Valerian is native to Europe, and Asia (the one we supply is from China). The strong-smelling flowers appear between June and August and its roots tend to show above the ground. Valeriana officinalis should not be confused with red or wall valerian (Entranthus ruber); which is common in gardens and waste land.

Note valerian is a banned substance under FEI rules in competition horses.

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