Wormwood Powder

Latin Name: Artemisia annua

Sizes: 25g Recyclable Amber Glass Jar | 50g Recyclable Amber Glass Jar | 150g Recyclable PET Pot

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Wormwood has been selected by animals needing to rid themselves of worms / nematodes. Do not put in the feed.

How To Use Wormwood Powder


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Oral – dogs may choose to lick it dry or with sunflower, rice bran or passion flower oil. Begin by offering 1/2 teaspoon of wormwood powder with enough vegetable oil such as rice bran or sunflower oil to make it moist. Before working with wormwood powder, offer remedies that support the GI and liver as well as spirulina and rosehip powder to get the best results

Equines and Other Herbivores

Offer dry and with water – assess which is preferred. Also offer linseed (flax) and sunflower oil, barley grass, rosehips, nettles and wild carrot seed essential oil, to get the best results. Offer all the remedies at the same time. If the horse is prone to colic, offer oils such as German chamomile, peppermint, fennel, black pepper and marigold flowers. If using a conventional wormer, offer the same support

Caution: If your animal suffers from epilepsy or seizure-type disorders, speak with your vet before using wormwood powder. Thujone in wormwood can induce seizures. Apply caution with pregnant animals; thujone can stimulate muscular contractions and spasms, including uterine contractions. Wormwood is a potent remedy. Always work with self-selection principles

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