St. John’s Wort (In Olive Oil)

Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum

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This product has been phased out in preference to St John’s wort CO2


A wonderfully rich, deep red St. John’s Wort from France.

St. John’s Wort has been frequently selected by:

  • Dogs and cats after being spayed
  • Geldings after being neutered
  • Animals experiencing dental pain
  • Animal that have had a non-recent amputation
  • Animals with nerve pain
  • Animals with chronic pain
  • Hyperactive and depressed animals
  • The fresh plant, the CO2 and the infused oil are more potent than the other methods of extraction when it come to pain relief, due to their presence of Hyperforin.

Caution: Not to be offered orally to dogs prone to pancreatitis. In humans St. John’s Wort may affect some medication (making the drug less effective). Consult your veterinary surgeon if an animal is on medication

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