Caroline’s Aches And Pains Spray

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Sizes: 75ml (Aluminium Bottle With Spray) | 175ml (Aluminium Bottle With Spray)

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How To Use Caroline’s Aches and Pain Spray

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Spray onto your hand and offer to apply to problem areas or spray straight onto the problem area and gently rub in.

To find out where pain may be: Use light, small, circular movements all the way from the skull to the sacrum and observe your dog’s body language. Don’t go too fast or you may miss the spot. You will be on the correct area when you see blinking, heavy eyes, eyes closing tightly, lip-smacking or licking the air, or a change in breathing. You will know how much and for how long a remedy is needed, as your dog will relax to your touch. When it is no longer needed your dog will show signs such as: turning or walking away or widening their eyes.


Horses may enjoy the gel applied topically over muscular aches/pains or licked from the hand.Offer in a similar way to canines.

70ml: Aluminium Bottle With Spray

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