Caroline’s Fly – Lice – Flea – Tick Away

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Sizes: 75ml (Aluminium Spray) | 175ml (Aluminium Spray)

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Offer Caroline’s Fly – Lice – Flea – Tick Away first and if selected:


Spray on to your hands and offer to your cat to chose to rub against. Do not directly apply yourself – let you cat come to you.


Spray on to coat not skin for prevention, especially before a walk where ticks are likely. Spray lightly onto areas where fleas are present and gently rub in. It can also be lightly sprayed onto bedding if selected.


Spray on coat to deter flies and in-between feathers to rid mites. Ticks are becoming an increasingly significant parasite of horses across the United States. The preferred spots for most ticks are on a horse’s head (including the throat and ears), mane, tail and lower abdomen.

If it is for prevention offer to your animal twice a week, or if is for an active case offer daily.

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