Caroline’s Past Trauma Mist

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Sizes: 55ml (Glass Bottle With Mist Spray) | 70ml (Aluminium Spray) | 150ml (Aluminium Spray)

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New & Improved Past Trauma Mist!

Caroline has formulated a unique blend of essential oils and aromatic waters that are hugely popular with both animals and people, this remedy is especially helpful to those who have experienced past trauma or have lacked nurturing.

Selected by animals that:

  • Have lacked a nurturing
  • Experienced past/ present emotional trauma
  • Animals that are mouthy-chew-nibble-bite

Ways to use to use the past trauma mist: If selected:

It can be sprayed into the air to create a mist that soothes and nurtures and to create a safe environment.


The mist can be sprayed on to a piece of cloth or in the air. Some cats may choose to rub against hands or cloth sprayed with the mist


Spray on to your hands and offer to stroke on to head, chest or whole body – be guided by your dog. It can also be sprayed on a door, wall, bedding (leaving some not sprayed), toy, rug or piece of cloth. Some dogs may want to lick it

Caution: Don’t leave aromatic cloths with animals that chew in case they swallow them

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