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Sterre: Debilitating Skin Rash

Cat Which Could Not Be Stroked

Breed: Somali
Age: 11 - spayed female

Sterre had constantly licked her belly raw for the past ten years, It was sore and permanently red. I was told that Sterre was nervous and anxious around people and that she had become depressed. Her pet-parent had tried almost everything; she head taken Sterre to a dermatologist, changed her diet numerous times and taken her to many specialists. It was later thought that Sterre may have Feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which is rare in domestic cats.

Cat BellySymptoms include episodes of agitation, self-mutilation, and a rippling of the skin when touched. The cause is unknown. Prognosis: Many cats with feline hyperesthesia syndrome require lifelong treatment or are put to sleep. Sterre had been on medication for skin problems and pain relief; Sporimune (chronic allergic dermatitis in cats) and clomicalm (antidepressant). Neither had worked so she was taken off them.

Sterres’ pet-parent was worried about bringing Sterre in to my class in case a room full of students watching her would stress her too much. As soon as Sterre entered the room I immediately began working with her and from that moment she relaxed. Sterre choose to inhale essential oils for pain relief as well as those that support gastrointestinal and spayed issues. These included wintergreen, peppermint, garlic, wild carrot seed, lime, sandalwood and arnica CO2, which were her favorites. During the past ten years Sterre had never been seen to be so calm.

Four days on and Sterre had not licked her stomach since. Then two months on her owner wrote saying “Sterre is doing very well. She continued with inhaling the oils for some time. When the inhalers were starting to smell less, she wanted to top them up. When she stopped wanting them - she would run off and go to another sleeping place.
Six months on and Sterre had not make any new wounds - she had not licked herself since the session! Other than in the early days when she licked some little crusts from old wounds which would open when she washed herself.

She is now always in a good mood and happy like she use to be. No obsessive washing. Not hiding in the bed and no being depressed!
Her pet-parent is very happy with the result.

Ray Ray: Back Pain

Cat With Back Pain

I met Ray Ray, a black and white five-year-old cat, at a rescue centre. He had been there for the past year and was desperate to be stroked and to find a loving home, but if he was touched or stroked on his back he would hiss and swipe out, making rehoming almost impossible. Picking him up was out of the question.

Not wanting to be touched meant that he was possibly in pain. I first offered Ray Ray a selection of plant extracts to help strengthen his gastrointestinal tract and liver. He chose peppermint, wild carrot seed, melissa, lime and German chamomile. After these I went on to offer remedies for muscular pain hoping that by strengthening him he would be able to take as much pain relief as he needed. He went on to select wintergreen, however he only took a few inhalations at intervals before he appeared to have had enough. After putting several drops of German chamomile on a piece of cloth and several of wintergreen on another, he was able to continue with the wintergreen. Ray Ray spent at least 10 minutes by the German chamomile before he took himself back to the wintergreen, where he lay down with his nose almost touching the material. He closed his eyes and stayed with it for around 20 minutes before he walked away and fell into a deep sleep.

When Ray Ray woke up he jumped on top of the carrier and the person who ran the rescue centre stroked his back. There was no hissing or swiping, only purring. He even liked her scratching his back! Ray Ray then went to each student in the class room (15 people in total), rubbed against their legs and enjoyed a stroke.

He clearly enjoyed being touched. At the end of the day when I asked each student what they had learnt from the workshop, most were choked up with tears, struggling to express the profound healing that they had witnessed with essential oils and cats using the Ingraham Method. Ray Ray needed to continue with wintergreen and birch over the next several days. He was re-homed within a couple of weeks.

Pepe: Suspected Liver Tumour

Cat With Suspected Liver Tumour

Pepe was given two weeks to live. Euthanasia was advised. He had a suspected liver tumour, jaundice, weight loss, deterioration of the liver, portal hypertension, ascites, as well as an inflamed gall bladder and pancreas. I refused chemo and biopsy; felt they were too invasive. I offered Caroline’s suggestions to Pepe, lime essential oil, seaweed extract, spirulina and milk thistle, he showed keen interest in lime and seaweed extract (inhalation). I also enabled him to self-select his food each day, and continued with his medications. We journeyed with self-selection for nearly seven months, and gradually over this time Pepe significantly reduced his intake from a daily selection to once a month. The vet has just seen Pepe and was so surprised with what she witnessed, she described it as a miracle. She stated that there were no more clinical signs apart from just a very slight jaundice in his eyes. She told me that we had gone down an unconventional route with Pepe, not one she would usually take and had previously spoken to many consultants about him, who were all baffled. Pepe is now happy, lively, playful and full of character. I feel so grateful, I just had to let you know how Pepe has been able to help himself to the point of saving himself. Thank you for your help I am deeply appreciative and so is gorgeous Pepe, for being given a voice. Thank you for your amazing work. Donna Brown

Update: 27th April 2017

Hi Caroline,

I just wanted to let you hear some news about Pepe.

It has been 2 years now since palliative care measures were put in place for Pepe. We had an appointment with his Vet on Tuesday, she hasn’t personally seen Pepe for approximately 12 months, as she has been on maternity leave. He has been seen by one of her colleagues lately. Prior to going on leave, she went over euthanasia with me, in case Pepe deteriorated, as she didn’t want him to suffer. Jackie now refers to Pepe as “ Our Miracle Cat!” She can’t believe that he is still alive. Jackie told Pepe that she may well have to do a case study on him. Assessing him, she told me there is still no evidence of swelling or any discomfort in his abdomen, he is still presenting as jaundiced, but she told me that if she didn’t know his history, looking at him, she would say that he was a perfectly healthy cat.

Pepe continues to be very happy and well in himself, and currently declines the oils, that he previously selected. It has been decided to now attempt to reduce the steroids. I will carefully observe how he responds and increase them again if he appears to deteriorate. Jackie told me she is happy for me to oversee this as I am so in tune with Pepe.
Thank you again Caroline for helping to give Pepe the opportunity to heal himself. You work is truly life changing.

All My Best Wishes, Donna

Pepe On A Rug
Pepe Alert

Ray Ray and Pepe: extracts from Animal Self-Medication: 2019

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