Inspirational Animal Stories

A tale of two elephants healing themselves with applied zoopharmacognosy

The captivating stories on how Shimba and Sinya worked via self-medication to resolve emotional and physical trauma.

Shimba - the first orphaned baby elephant I had worked with had been withdrawn due to the loss of his mother. However, when he was offered  angelica root and neroli, the changes in his behaviour were profound.

Sinya - is a rescued, orphaned elephant calf. Severely wounded and having been trapped in putrid well water, and attacked by hyena, her prognosis was not good. This video shows how I worked with Sinya and the results that were achieved through Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

As a direct result of this work, the Kenyan Wildlife Service now use green clay powder to help injured animals.


Working at a Rescue Centre

Helping with rehoming a puppy that had been abused


A puppy who has suffered from past abuse works with essential oils during an Applied Zoopharmacognosy session with me. This little puppy lost a front leg due to abuse, but was now at a rescue centre waiting to go with a caring family to a 'forever home.' 

The young puppy was restless and did not settle until rose otto was offered. It's important to note there is a small time delay after inhalation before it takes effect (rose reduces adrenaline). 

In the film, I am working mainly with linden blossom, which is for trust and the young puppy is very clear not to take it away too soon.


Brown Bears and Polar Bears

I am in the Czech Republic and working with brown bears and polar bears.



I work with a highly reactive dog at Bath Cats and Dogs Home. Bobby was destined to be put to sleep.

Watch how the remedies help him to transition to a place of calm and come to terms with his main


Aromatic enrichment for primates using Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Working with aromatic enrichment for chimps at a zoo in the Czech Republic. I help to provide a setting in which natural behaviours, normally seen in the wild are witnessed in the chimpanzee enclosure. After the visit, the chimp's carer was able to bond with them at a new level and they were receptive to her help when one of them suffered from a cut on its foot.


Cat from a rescue centre

Cats respond exceptionally well to the correct essential oil at the correct dosage which is via inhalation only. It was impossible to get close to Tilly without being swiped. However, within minutes of working with the essential oils for her physical body, such as lemon, bitter almond and birch, she was a transformed cat. It is important to hold the bottle in such a way that the cat will not accidentally touch it when approaching to sniff it.


Buster - fungal infection

Buster had been suffering for a long time with a fungal infection.

When he came to see me, he was on his way back from the vets. He had been on a drip for three days. Diagnosis was inconclusive, but allergies were suspected. He did not respond to German chamomile which is often selected for allergies, instead he selected green clay.

Within eight minutes his skin had calmed to a pink colour from the bright red at the start. Clay was applied over the next few days and the condition completely cleared.


Pepper - Lethargy

Pepper, a rescue horse at RSPCA Gonsal Farm, Shropshire. When Pepper was in the stable, she only laid down and was lethargic, the cause was unknown. Watch  Pepper as she selects remedies to alleviate her symptoms.